Zoom Update: Security Issues and Meeting IDs Removal from Title Bar Discussed by CEO

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Some few days ago, the world went agog, when it was discovered that there is, a high probability that user’s privacy and security issues, are being leaked on the Video app, Zoom.

This caused a huge stir, due to the fact that, the COVID-19 pandemic has ensured that governments, across the world, to enforce lockdown protocols, in a bid to slow down the spread of the virus.

This step has, basically, affected the conventional mode of carrying out one-on-one business, especially, in meetings, as well as, with customers, which has moved online.

While some people find it, a little bit uneasy, using online tools, to push forward their businesses, others have mastered the art and are using it, effectively, to close down leads and earn more amidst the lockdown.

One online tool that has ensured that, businesses still function, effectively, is the Video app, Zoom. Millions of people are, already, registered on the app and the app ranks, as one of the most frequently used tools, for communications, in the business world.

Controversy has, however, hit the app and it was found out, after much research that, it was true. Most CEOs, stopped their employees, from using the video app and slowly, the app users started to dwindle.

Zoom swiftly initiated some major changes, on the app. The company’s CEO, Eric Yuan, recently came out to acknowledge these issues and addressed them He, also, shed some light, on the major changes, carried out, by the company.

The CEO used YouTube Livestream, to pass his message and stated that, the Zoom desktop app, has received an update that will further improve the security of meetings, initiated on the app. “Clearly, we have a lot of work to do, to ensure the security, of all the brand new use cases”, Yuan said.

“What I can promise you is, we take these issues very seriously. We are looking into each one of them and, if we find an issue, we will acknowledge it and fix it. We will, also, be transparent about what we are doing”,Yuan assured.

The CEO went further to share the steps taken, by the company, to improve the security of the app and assured people that, the app will now better serve and their privacy and fear of security breach aee now taken care of.

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