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YouTube to Stop its Desktop Interface by March 2020

YouTube - cfamedia

Recommends users to switch to the new version.

Other users may require to update their Web browser for new version YouTube experience.

YouTube is set to discontinue its vintage interface feature on the desktop.

This feature existed before the Material Design-based skin it had introduced around August 2017 which came with a dark theme.

This new change is set to get effected in March 2020. Meaning that users will no longer have access to the older YouTube version from the stated month.

However, for users on the older version, YouTube would send notification providing an option to switch to the updated one.

Ever since YouTube introduced its redesign some years back, many of its users are unlikely on the dated interface.

However, it still gave its users an option to continue the older version rather than switching to the new experience.

According to a blog post form the YouTube team, “Enter 2020 and the older versions are missing many of the new features and design improvements we’ve introduced over the past 3 years, including top requests based on your feedback… That’s why the older version will be going away in March and you’ll only be able to access newer desktop versions to enjoy the best of YouTube,”

Users are left with two options on the coming interface;

  • They can experience the new interface by switching to the available new YouTube option
  • They can get their Web browsers updated to make way for the latest version

The platform made some redesigns in the past that gave fresh experience compared to the former interface.

The most interesting of this upcoming change is the way it would influence its users to migrate to its latest interface that reached Android and iOS in 2018.

Featured image: 9to5google

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