You too can make money, profitably trading cryptocurrencies

The internet has opened up a lot of online business venture possibilities and opportunities to anyone who is inclined to learn and start earning a decent living. Many, hitherto, not making ends meet are now living comfortably from side earnings. One of such opportunities is online Cryptocurrency trading.
Many people have, however, got their hands burnt by investing in various high yield investment scams in the past, but by trading cryptocurrencies by yourself, after being put through, will mean that you have sole control over your investment, rather than entrusting it in the hands of probable scammers.
The Training is meant for those willing to add to their streams of income, Startups, Youth Corpers, Investors, Graduates and young school leavers and anyone interested in making money online.
At the end of this training participants:
  • would have learned what Bitcoin, Altcoins are
  • would have learned how to buy and sell Bitcoin and Altcoins
  • would have learned how to practically trade Bitcoin against Altcoins for profit
  • will be given after-training support by the Trainer
Participants are advised to come along with their Laptop as the Training is a practical one. Free internet provision will be available at the venue.
The Training will be facilitated by Chris Onwukwe, an online entrepreneur and avid believer in blockchain technology. He practices what he believes in, by trading Cryptocurrencies, full time. He has been coolly living comfortably on his earnings from trading Cryptocurrencies, (bitcoin and altcoins), for over 2 years now.
He is always researching new trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.He is a graduate of Enugu State University of Science and technology and happily married with a son.
He is set to put you through on the path of profitably trading Cryptocurrency.
The Training is slated for Saturday, August 25, 2018 by 9:00am.
Register early, to book your seat for the Training @