Work from Home: More Tech Companies Have Pushed Opening of Work Place till 2021

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Since the turn of the new year, the world has been battling to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Positive news, in the fight to halt the spread of the deadly virus keeps streaming in, but cases of infected persons are still getting recorded on a daily basis.

As at the time of writing this, the number of infected persons, globally, is 16,550,087, the death toll has hit 654,196 and the total number of people that have recovered has been estimated at 10,145,773.

The United States of America, Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa, ranked as the top 5 countries that have worst hit, recording a higher number of infected people, with mild and serious cases of the COVID-19.

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As at now, scientists around the world are still battling to come out with a vaccine that will, effectively, signal the end of the virus, but it is proving to be a herculean task.

The one sure way of preventing the spread of the virus is by maintaining social distancing and the cleansing of your hands with water and soap, regularly.

The implementation of social distancing has ensured that many businesses have shut down their offices, instructing their staff to ‘Work From Home’, (WFH).

Working from home is a concept that was only muted by some experts, but was never implemented much until the coronavirus become a global phenomenon.

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Many business organisations, governments parastatals, schools, etc., were temporarily shut down and workers got mandated to work from home.

Some of the biggest tech giants in the world have, already, implemented this and pushed the opening of their physical workplaces until next year, 2021.

Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Alphabet-owned company, Google, are among some of the biggest tech giants that have postponed the opening of their physical workstations, until the year 2021.

Google Chief Executive Officer, Sundar Pichai, wrote in an email sent to employees on Monday, July 28, 2020, stating that resumption that got billed to kick-off, at the end of the year has been shifted to next year, 2021.

Due to the growing cases of people getting infected with coronavirus in Nigeria, some companies have started mulling the extension of their resumption dates too, informing their staff to continue working from home, till the end of the year.

Empirical studies are, however, ongoing to determine workers’ productivity, while working from home, compared with when they were working at their various offices.

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