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WordPress Plugins you Need to Make your Blog Social

According to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey, there are 1,805,260,010 (over 1.8 billion) websites. This number is quite huge and poses fear to anybody who intends venturing into blogging.
Gone are the days when you just build a website without making serious efforts to push it. It is now like a fierce competition where everybody is scrambling for traffic (website visitors).
Getting website visitors is one of the biggest challenges. But bloggers are leveraging the social media to make their websites more social than ever. The social media has proven to be an effective medium to share contents. And subsequently drive traffic to blogs.
Today, building a website isn’t as technical as it used to be. You can build a blogging website in 24 hours. WordPress is what you need. And that’s what technology is all about, making life easier. Is not everybody that has the time to write codes or reinvent the wheel.
Already, WordPress developers have simplified the entire process. All you need is to install a theme and edit to suit your fancy. This Platform has almost all the necessary plugins you need to make that happen.
If you have a WordPress website and you have been struggling to make it social. Here are the top 5 WordPress plugins you need.
1. ShareThis: It has share buttons and Analytics. It is quite similar to other plugins but the unique selling point is that, it gives you tracking reports.
2. Share Buttons by AddThis: You need to sign up to use this plugin. However it allows users or visitors to bookmark, share and email their contents to over 330 services.
3. Sociable: This is arguably the most popular WordPress social plugin. It allows users to share any content they find interesting on the website. It adds social media buttons to your blogposts and pages.
4. 1-click Retweet/Share/Like: The only difference is that this plugin allows users to instantly publish contents from blog to social media profiles.
5. DiggDigg: This plugin also serves the same purpose of sharing on the social media. One good feature is that it adds floating bar to your blog.
6. Revive Old Post: This is one of my favorite plugins. It allows you to automatically share old posts to your social media accounts. There are some old contents that worth continuous sharing, that is what this plugin does. This allows you to improve and keep your social media accounts active.

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