Whim k1, The First Bockchain Based Laptop Launched By Karatbars

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Over the years, advancement in technology has taken new turns, seeing tech organizations, trying to be at the forefront of the innovative space, through creativity.

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology, appears to have taken up this space. Noteworthy is the role that blockchain technology has played, in the financial ecosystem, with its, seemingly, ease in payment.

Blockchain has, certainly, revolutionalised the way financial transactions are performed, across the world.

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In another twist of advancing technology and creative innovation, Karatbars, a Germany-based company, recently, announced Whim k1, the world’s first laptop, with functionality, centrally based, on blockchain technology.

Do not be put off, at the mention of blockchain, as the laptop is designed, to be a user-friendly machine.

With its high-tech features, fingerprint sensor and a physical encryption key, the Whim K1 is a golden-colored machine that would, surely, captivate blockchain enthusiasts.

The blockchain-based laptop, would operate, via Voice Over Blockchain Protocol, (VOBP), or, through Voice Over Blockchain, (VOB), Smart Phone.

Whim K1, also, comes with 180 degrees bending feature that makes it, compliant, with present trends.

Whim K1, offers its users convenience, in picking a preferred operating system, at their disposal.

It offers blockchain users, multiple facilities, such as trading apps, crypto wallet manager, e.t.c

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Featured Image: cryptonewsz

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