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WhatsApp Set to Pull Down Support for Older Smartphones

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The popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, has announced that, it will, as from next year, pull-down and stop supporting older Android and iOS smartphones.

This move will affect millions of users onboard the platform, who still use older devices, running operating systems, older than Android 2.3.7, or, iOS 8.

It has been reported that, users will lose access, to WhatsApp messaging platform, starting from February 1, 2020, when this will be effective.

This means that, for those still using iPhone 4, or, older, or, Android devices, from before 2011, they will be unable, to install WhatsApp from the App Store, or, Google Play.

For users, who have, already, installed the app, it has been stated that, some features might stop functioning, at any time and users, will no longer, be able, to create new accounts, or, verify existing ones.

It does not stop there, for those still using Windows Phone, but WhatsApp has, also, stated on its website that, it will cease support, for the platforms in a few days’ time, (from December 31, 2019).

WhatsApp has recommended a device, running at least Android 4.0.3, or, an iPhone, on iOS 9, or, up for users, wanting to continue using the service.

Another feature that WhatsApp will soon launch is the long-awaited ability, to stop strangers from adding you to groups.

The call for WhatsApp, to have this feature, has been on, for long and sometimes in April 2019, this option was discussed and users, on Android now have access, to these features on their smartphones.

To apply this feature, go to the app’s settings and select Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, you should see three options that determine, who can add you to a group.

Selecting, ‘Nobody’, will block anyone, from adding you to a group, unless you accept an invitation, by private message.

‘My Contacts’, will, only, allow people in your address group, to add you to groups and ‘Anyone’, will allow anybody, to add you to groups, including strangers.

This feature is, basically, intended to make it difficult, for hackers/spammers, to add people to groups and disturb them, with unwanted advertising, or, false/wrong information.

Here is, another feature that, you might find interesting. You can, actually, find out the WhatsApp version that, you are using, by long-pressing the app icon and scrolling down, to the bottom.

This update will soon be available, worldwide.

Featured Image: gsmarena

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