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WhatsApp Down As Messaging App Goes Dark for Almost 2 Hours Globally

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This present age has seen the massive growth of technology, which in turn has created platforms that seek to connect people more and these platforms are known as social media platforms.

The world now has come to rely on social media platforms to communicate, make sale and generate income.

One of the social media platforms that is more attached to the mobile phone is WhatsApp, (currently owned by Facebook).

Users on the social media messaging app WhatsApp, are currently estimated to be over 2 billion active users worldwide and ranked as the first, among other messaging apps, (Facebook Messenger, with 1.3 billion users and the Chinese messaging app, WeChat with 1.1 billion users).

Yesterday, however, the messaging app, WhatsApp, went dark, leaving over 2 million users, unable to send and receive messages, for close to two, (2), hours and although the outage has been swiftly fixed, there has been outrage from the users, who demanded to know what really happened.

This outage was, particularly, more focused in South America, (Brazil) and across Europe with the hashtag WhatsApp Down trending.

The problems became more evident when conversations did appear to load, but new messages would refuse to get sent, within those chats, causing a form of stagnancy.

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In recent times, there has been a growing report of both messaging and video conferencing apps, going dark.

The most recent one is that of the video conferencing app, Zoom that, suddenly, developed technical difficulties, forcing thousands of Webinars, to get postponed, as users were finding it hard to join a meeting.

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While the problem was, also, swiftly fixed by zoom technicians, users where briefed about the development on the Twitter page of the video conferencing app.

However, the damage had, already, been done and thousands of users got forced to abandon their fixed programs online.

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