What is the 3rd Job-Finding Option for Graduates?

I have been wondering what the “3rd job finding option” would be, having heard that Mr. Joe Oye will facilitate a training session in the next couple of weeks.
National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported that unemployment rate in Nigeria rose from 14.2% in 2016 to 18.8% in 2017. This is likely to increase continuously, considering the population size. As well as the number of graduates Nigeria churns out annually.
Oye is one of the finest brains I have ever seen recently when it comes to content creation. He will lead that session and unveil the the “3rd job finding option.
However, this unemployment statistics a is frightening and alarming. If this is not checked, its going to be like a time bomb, waiting to explode.
“Many graduates are leaving schools yearly, only to resume “work” on their parents in the living room, watching cable TV, instead of being gainfully employed and earning a living,” says Wale Oguntokun, a Lead Strategist at Digital City Media.
“Many of them have tried the 1st and 2nd job finding options and failed to get a job. There is a “3rd job finding option” that guarantees success at job hunting, which every graduate now have the opportunity to learn,” he said.
The training will hold on Wednesday 20th June, 2018. Register today at

Meet Speaker

Mr. Joe Oye, one of the finest brains in content creation will lead a training session in the next couple of weeks on “The 3rd Job-Finding Option.” This is designed to break the barriers of unemployment and underemployment.
Joe is an Enterprise Content Management [ECM] specialist with the certification by AIIM International. This is aside from his calling in Administration based on his first and second-degree qualifications in Sociology. He is an experienced practitioner in internet marketing and copywriting.