WESABI; The Platform That Connects You To A Handyman In A Minute

One major problem besetting the continent of Africa is unemployment and over the years, the continent has witnessed its young and able-bodied individuals, trooping out en masse to Europe and North America, in search of greener pasture which, is a major drawback to the development of the continent.

Recently, the story seems to be changing. With the advent of the internet, technology is gaining more ground and investors are now willing to invest in Startups established by Africans, for Africa, in order to solve some major problems.

One of such innovations created is WESABI Solutions and Network. WESABI is the brainchild of Murtala Sanni.

Having previously worked as a Sales Executive, Data Centre Engineer, he eventually got to a  Managerial position after starting as a Business Development Officer in an IT-oriented Law firm.

Murtala Sanni, Chief Executive Officer, WESABI

Murtala stated that the idea of WASEBI was borne out of the personal experience. He just moved into a new home and wanted to carry out some minor work of fixing some things, but he could not get a handyman, which got him, so frustrated and wanted to do something about it.

That was how the Idea of creating and developing WESABI started.

WESABI Solutions and Network commenced in September 2015 and the objective is to help homeowners and businesses to find reliable handymen and service providers in their neighborhoods in Africa, starting from Nigeria.

It is also a service network, connecting people, in real time, to get things done.

The Platform enables individuals and corporate organizations to have access to various skilled workforces, at the click of a button.

WESABI - cfamedia

All workforces are categorized into Handymen, Moving Help, Home Cleaning, Photography, and lots more. The Platform includes; Website, Mobile Application, and a 24/7 Call Center Service.

He stressed that in the beginning, the platform had only started out with a phone number, to test the validity of the project’s idea. The colleagues at his workplace were the first target market.

“The experience was a mixed one. The workers did not go through any form of formal vetting, as we did now. It was just me, calling close friends and telling them to refer the best Artisans they have worked with. My phone was always ringing. My boss at work was wondering what was going on”, Murtala explained.

Over the years, WESABI has grown from strength to strength and has signed a contract with Jaiz Bank in Abuja, to be the company’s Artisan provider.

“In a few years’ time, we want to be in major capital cities in Nigeria and we will start looking at other options like the possibility of expanding to other African countries. Our primary goal is to be the household name for people, who need any kind of service. As long as it is service, people should think WESABI”, stressed Murtala.

After going for pitching persistently for 5 times, WESABI finally won the grand prize fund, of ₦12,000,000, (Twelve Million Naira Only), at the 2019 Deji Alli ARM Young Talent Award, (DAAYTA), an ARM initiative, that aims at providing young Nigerians with the opportunity to develop Startup Ventures that add qualitative value to the Nation’s economy.

Murtala stated that one thing entrepreneurship has taught him is that, persistence, patience and hard work, are key to building something extraordinary and in his words, “I have learned far more from my mistakes, than I have, from the times I got it right”.