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Google my Business is, a free, online business platform by Google, which makes it, easy for businesses, with physical retail locations, to create and update their business profile online and get connected, to more customers and stand out.

Google my Business gives you the tools, to update your Business Profile, build a website and engage with your customers, from your phone, tablet, or, computer and appear on Google Search and Maps, for Free.

It helps, in advertisements pop up, in Google search that, were made, in proximity, to your business, which will help you get more leads, sales and traffic.

Google my business, (GMB), is the easiest search engine optimization, (SEO), that play a vital role, for business owners and also, helps in every part of your business page.

Ensuring that, customers find your business online and it can, immensely, improve your search visibility, for prospective customers that, are looking for local businesses, which they are ready to make a purchase, or, interested in purchasing of items, with reviews and for businesses to manage the reviews.

More businesses are taking bold steps, to create a GMB account and to select few, in each country, for the ongoing work and create a profile that, gets, ultimately, more customers.

Ways, in which Google My Business, (GMB), will help you, to get connected to customers:

Download GMB From Play Store

GMB app will enable you, to download and update your profile, with pictures and status, while on the Go and respond to reviews and feedback.

Photo Uploads

Make sure that, you receive clean photos, from a good camera phone, or, hire a professional photographer, to assist, in good and clear photos, to attract users, or customers.

Customer Review

Encourage your customers, to leave reviews, to boost your pages from other customers and you can pay customers, to write positive reviews that, motivate them, for the next purchase and the company with a great review, will boost up on Google engine.


It allows businesses, to display their service areas. You can, also, promote blog coupon, using GMB features, which boost the SEO of your website, with unique keywords for effective maximization post.


Google Analytics, makes it easy, to understand, how your sites are engaging, with your content, to know what is working and see, how people are interacting, with your sites and the role that, different channels are playing, by viewing reports and dashboards.

You can measure points of sale and reports with your customers for complete access. Google Analytics allows you to measure your ROI, Return of Investment, as well as, social media pages and applications.

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