5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Win Customers’ Loyalty

Some days back, I overheard a lady complaining to a friend of hers, how bikers of a popular motorcycle hailing company in Lagos do insult their passengers.

She continued by narrating that, on hailing one of the bikes, the biker brought out his phone and opened up the app and it showed the amount the lady is supposed to pay.

The lady replied that the amount was quite much, but this didn’t go down well with the biker as he referred to her as blind.

The lady was shocked and stepped back immediately, telling the biker to cancel the ride and since then, she never bothered to hail the company’s bike again, nor, refer any of her friends to try out the outfit.

Sometimes, getting hold of a customer can be easy, but the hardest part is not to only keep them, but also to make them happy and gain their loyalty.

Gaining customer’s loyalty can, sometimes, be as slippery as a mucus-filled-catfish and if you do not learn the skills of grabbing hold of it properly, it will slip out of your hands and swim away.

Learning the technical know-how, of how to earn your customers loyalty is paramount for any business.

Below are 5 key points that, an entrepreneur needs to know;

Your customer service should be top-notch

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Providing an excellent all round customer service, makes your customers feel settled and it also creates an air of importance for the customers.

Listen to all complaints of your customers and try to settle these, as fast as you can. Make it easy for customers to get in touch with a representative.

Display an email address, phone number and social media account clearly.

Timely response to a customer’s complaint enables the customer to feel secure in doing business with you and you have, thereby, earning his/her loyalty.

Get your customers’ email contact

Thanks to technology, you can contact your customers in several ways and one of them is through email.

Email is one way through which you can get through to your customers very fast and easily.

Ensure that your customers drop down their email addresses after purchase.

This enables you to keep updating them about your new products and also, as an after-sales follow-up to ask about their experiences.

The information provided by your customers will enable you to build better customers-satisfactory-system and keep them happy.

Employ qualified and right workers

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The way your employees relate with customers goes a long way in helping you to earn customers loyalty.

Ensure that, your employees are properly trained in the art of communication and they have the necessary tools to enhance customer’s experience.

Offer Incentives

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This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. By offering your customers’ incentives like a discount in what your customers purchase, or, giving them well-packaged gifts, will go a long way in ensuring that they keep patronizing you.

Create a feedback channel

Ask your customers to fill out a questionnaire on their experience of patronizing you.

The responses that, they give, will enable you to know how to give them a much better experience.

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