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Vetwork, Egyptian Pet Care Start-up Raises Six-figure Seed Funding

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A start-up based in Egypt Vetwork has through a funding round raised an undisclosed amount. The funding round was led by Cairo based Angels as the start-up looks to continue expanding its customer base both locally and internationally.

Founded in 2017 by Fady Azzouny, Abdelrheem Hussein and Zeinab ElGeziry, Vetwork provides a solution whereby users can book a different kind of pet care services from the comfort of their home via mobile phone or Laptop.

For now, the company operation base is in Cairo, Alexandria, and some parts of the North Coast. Some few weeks back, it expands to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The growth of Vetwork has been attributed to the seed funding round led by Cairo Angels (a global network of angel investors that are focused on supporting and providing opportunities that will trigger the growth of startup in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa).

This round of funding is the first set of funding raised by Vetwork which is basically to aid the exponential expansion of the startup into multiple cities across the world.

“Basically, I am so happy for two things this round of funding has done, first, it’s coming from the Cairo Angels, which is one of the leading angel networks in MENA, who are also the engine behind MINT Incubator in cooperation with EG Bank, the incubator where we got introduced for the first time to “what is a startup?” and to the ecosystem,” Azzouny said.

“Second, we believe working with Cairo Angels will get us exposed to their deep expertise in investment, consultancy, and growth, we believe that their commitment to our company will give us a very promising runway for the next few months. We are excited about taking the next step in our growth story and better serving our customers.” Azzouny beamed.

General manager of Cairo Angels, Zeina Mandour, “The organisation is very pleased to support this startup. We saw the potential in them, and we just have to come along with them. We are very pleased to close this round and to be part of other angel investors who have co-invest in this start-up.

Mandour further stated that “we have strong confidence in the Vetwork team and for a period of time we worked with them when they were part of the MINT incubator.

They have come a long way and grow in leaps and bound and they have already started to expand to different regions and most recently Saudi Arabia. We have so much faith in this team and the sky is the limit for them.

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