Ventures Platform Launches Startup Nigeria 2019

Startup Nigeria 2019 - cfamedia

Abuja, Monday, June 10, 2019 – Ventures Platform in Partnership with the National Social Investment Programme (N-SIP) has launched Startup Nigeria 2019.

A 3-month Incubation program designed to provide free entrepreneurship skills training, mentoring, and funding.

This will help Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Nigeria get the training, support, and access to capital they need to grow their startups.

Due to the success of Startup Nigeria 2018, Ventures Platform and the National Social Investment Programme felt it was imperative that a second Cohort was implemented – Startup Nigeria 2019.

This time the program is accepting applications from 3 zones – North Central, South East, and North West. It will focus on multiple sectors of the economy.

The program offers many benefits for all participants; one on one mentorship, opportunities to access funding and an immersive hands-on approach to teaching entrepreneurial skills.

Last year, the Federal Government launched the first cohort of Startup Nigeria.

The incubation program was created under the National Social Investment Programme as one of the initiatives intended to contribute to the development of Nigeria’s Digital Economy.

It will also help solve the youth unemployment problem by equipping young innovative Nigerians with the skill sets that would help them create successful startups.

Startup Nigeria 2018 focused on Agriculture and Governance in the North Central zone and Commerce and Finance in the South Eastern zone of Nigeria.

Aamorise led by its founder Dr. Aamo Iroliam emerged the winner for the North Central zone. Aamorise is a forensic startup that helps track activities on digital devices remotely.

It is intended to be used in curtailing digitally aided crime like boko-haram and herdsmen clashes in additional to hacking and financial crimes.

The South East leg was won by House of Uwe an online tailoring shop that delivers quality and on-time tailoring service through its web platform. Its founder is Eberenna Collins; a web developer and tailor.

You can participate in this year’s cohort by applying to Startup Nigeria through the platform’s website for a chance to access funding, training, and mentorship!

About Startup Nigeria
Startup Nigeria is A 3-month Incubation program designed by Ventures Platform to take innovative founders from idea stage to MVP to market.

It is currently being executed in partnership with the National Social Investment Office of Nigeria (NSIP).

About Ventures Platform
Ventures Platform is an enterprise development organization with a mission to invest in and support innovators and entrepreneurs in order to unlock the potential of underserved sectors, people, and places in Africa.

It is VP’s vision to ‘build the future of Africa through innovation and entrepreneurship’- by building the capacity of African entrepreneurs and innovators to create sustainable solutions to the most urgent problems on the African continent.

About NISP
The National Social Investment Programme were created to overcome the failings of the past and to enshrine the values and vision of the current Administration for graduating it’s citizens from poverty through capacity building, investment and direct support.