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Using .NG Domain Name Gives Your Site More Visibility On Search Within And Outside The Country; Kemi Adepoju

One of the greatest benefits of going online is the possibility, of reaching new clients and one critical element is, owning a domain name. Experts in the DNS industry believe that the more Nigerians adopt the .NG domain name, the better for the economy in general. Kemi Adepoju, Head of Business Development, Nigeria Internet Registration Association, NiRA, recently joined me on Tech Trends on Channels Television, to discuss ways to get more Nigerians on the internet.

CFA: Can you highlight some of the benefits of using the .NG domain name?

Kemi: There are various benefits. Before I talk about benefits, you have to understand why you want to use a ccTLD, or, what type of domain name to use, really. The type of domain name you want to use is really dependent on the type of business you are in and the location you are.

Part of the benefits of using the .NG domain name, is that, it helps in terms of geo-targeting and what do I mean by geo-targeting? When I am looking to buy something, maybe, a telephone, or, a camera, the first thing I do, is that, I go to my search engine, if I don’t really know the website to go to and I key in what I want to buy and the search engine brings results for me. The ways the search engine generates its results, is something called, geo-targeting and other search engine optimization. Basically, geo-targeting is when it delivers the content that is relevant to your location to you. If you are generating content that is meant for Nigeria, for instance, there is high benefit in using the .NG domain name because, it delivers it to the people searching it within Nigeria.

Another benefit is, if someone is, searching for your content, from an international location, it will also deliver the content to them because, it is going to deliver content that is relevant to their search. One f the things that people are always skeptical about is in terms of identifying themselves with being a Nigerian brand, but the truth about it, is that, when they go to the Contact Us page, they already know that, you are a Nigerian brand.

Another benefit of using the .NG domain name is that, you actually use less bandwidth, especially, if your domain is hosted in Nigeria. For instance, if your site is very text heavy, very graphic heavy and you want people to be able to search and locate your content very easily, the best thing is to host in Nigeria and also use the .NG domain name because, then, they use less bandwidth, so, basically, they are using less internet to get to your content. People notice it as well, because, it makes it faster for your content to download on their devices.

Another benefit is that, with the creation of ccTLD’s , even though, ccTLD’s don’t have the first user advantage, like some gTLD’s, with the creation of ccTLD’s, what happens is that, you have more names, A name you might not be able to get , like a 3 letter word, there is absolutely, no 3 letter word that has not been registered, that you might want to get with a .com, that might come at a premium price, it might be cheaper for you to get it with a .NG because, the name would be available under the .NG string.

CFA: I’ve heard you mention a number of acronyms. Can you explain the difference between the ccTLD and the TLD?

Kemi: First of all, the ccTLD means, the country codeTop Level Domain. Take note of the country code, which is the cc at the beginning of the ccTLD, while the gTLD means generic Top Level Domain and what is the difference? Country code Top Level Domains are specific to country, whereas, generic are like your .com, your .org, your .net, your .africa. Those are generic domain names.

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