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For those, still running on Windows 7 program, you have, just, about, four, (4), months from now, to upgrade to Windows 10, or, your computer system stands the risk, of being wide open and susceptible to malicious attack.

After 10 years of operation, Microsoft has decided, to unplug the support, for Windows 7, on January 14, 2020.

Windows 7 had been an instant hit, right from the time it was released to the market.

When Windows 10 entered the market, people were, so, comfortable with the previous Windows version and most did not upgrade their Operating System, to Windows 10.

Windows 10, only managed, to surpass its previous version, earlier this year, with a market share of 39.2 percent lead.

Users, who are still using Windows 7, will no longer receive updates, for Windows 7 Operating System.

Windows 7 will, however, still operate and run, on your computer, but you will not be able, to access, certain features, as those features will be, permanently, deleted, by Microsoft.

You can still access the internet and browse through, but you will no longer have access, to security and network updates.

“Sticking with Windows 7, after the support features end, opens the computer door, to viruses and you will no longer receive technical support, from Microsoft”, stated an unnamed official, from Microsoft.

This decision was taken, due to fact that technology is, evolving and accelerating, at an exponential rate and Microsoft, intends to flow, along this line, with all its products, in order to create a better experience for their customers.

To further elaborate this point, the official stressed that, “Windows has evolved and we want to help you move forward, to the latest and greatest security and features, designed for today and tomorrow”.

How Do You Get Yourself Prepared? To get prepared and not be caught unawares, you have to, first of all, switch and upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, on your Operating System, before January 14, 2020.

You not, only, get added security measures, you will, also, be able, to access more features and additional securities, which will ensure that, your information is well protected.

Before you, however, upgrade, to Windows 10, it is, highly, recommended that you back up, all your files and folders, although, you will be asked, if you want your files and folders, to be stored.

There is a slim chance that your information, may get lost, during the upgrading process, so, back it up.

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