Update: Gabon and Congo Follow Suit after Trial of MTN 5G Technology in Nigeria

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Some days back, Nigeria became the first country, in West Africa, to run a trial of 5G technology, which was powered by MTN.

The testing of the 5G technology has, officially, commenced in Gabon, by Maroc Telecom Group, a subsidiary of Gabon Telecom, while the Republic of Congo is on track, to commence 5G testing, sometime in December 2019.

The experimentation, of the 5G technology, began in Libreville, on November 22, 2019, in three sites, namely; La Sablière, Boulevard Triomphal and the inter-ministerial building of Battery IV.

The test will run for a scheduled period of six months but could be extended to one year.

“The 5G experiment, will provide an avenue, to evaluate the interest of this technology, for innovative applications. in the covered areas and to draw lessons, for its development in future”, Abderrahim Koumaa, Director General, Gabon Telecom, stressed.

Koumaa, further stated that, 5G is, not a simple suite of 2G, 3G, 4G technologies, but an, entirely, different ecosystem that will require, a complete overhaul, of telecom resources and services.

In the Republic of Congo, Léon Juste Ibombo, Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, announced that, the test phase of 5G, in the country, will begin on December 24, 2019.

He stated that, the country is receiving, massive support, from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, (UNECA).

“The Commission’s decision to support Congo in testing 5G is in line with UNECA’s policy of supporting member states’ efforts to take advantage of the digital revolution for economic transformation”, Vera Songwe, UNECA’s Executive Secretary, stressed.

Partnering this innovation of the 5G testing phase, are the government, local telecom operators, the Regulatory Authority for Post and Electronic Communications, (ARPCE) and stakeholders, in the private sector that are expected, to identify and leverage, on the new emerging opportunities, offered by 5G.

“The government believes that, the 5G tests, should make it possible, to accelerate the development of the applications, necessary for the e-administration and to have a certain impact, in domains, such as the e-visa, e-tax, e-customs, but, also, e-justice and e-health,” Ibombo stressed.

He further stated that, the government, will make, all necessary arrangements, for the availability and effective allocation, of 5G frequency bands, as part of technical and commercial deployment projects.

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