3 Things About a Unicorn Marketer you could Use

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Nowadays, there has been so many dynamics to marketing that is changing the narratives of the concept. One would come across concepts like affiliate marketing, network marketing, and social media marketing, but one stands out that might not immediately catch attention. That is a unicorn marketer!

A unicorn marketer is rare to come by and just a few of them are around. Unicorn marketers are well skilled and have garnered vast experiences in diverse ranges of industries. The strategies and knowledge acquired by a unicorn marketer make him a better strategist and specialist in marketing.

Funny enough, a number of unicorn marketers were once consultants, marketing executives and part of an in-house marketing team.
Beyond this, let us consider some of the characteristics that a unicorn marketer possesses:

Obsession over results
Unicorn marketers are not the theory based marketers, who play by the book or who needs guidance through some set of rules. They tackle challenges that come their way, headlong, with resilience, following rules that are arbitrary. A reason for this is because; they are all out about obtaining results.

Their methods do not wait for perfection to achieve the required success since they do not see success through a quantitative output; rather they do their stuff randomly. They are not necessarily the smartest, but they highly result oriented. What matters to them is the outcome.

To a Unicorn, a result gets justified when the method is subjected to test and it proves to work, if the method is not working, they create a new set of rules for themselves.

All channels are tried out
No matter how silly the grits are, a Unicorn marketer tries them out. If a boundary has been laid down for the way a system works, he looks beyond the boundary, since he is said not to be limited by whatever the limitation poses.

Any idea that pops up in their mind gets carried out. He tries them out anyway. He is not bound by the status quo. The more Unicorns are subjected to their self-conceived idea, the greater the chance of getting new things discovered.

The “I am not sure” attitude of not willing to take on by an ordinary marketer, does not gel with the Unicorn, which takes it on and such moves have generated millions of dollars.

Repetition of their unicorn moves until it stops working
This is as simple as it appears. When you are anticipating a result, trying out every possible way and getting addicted to results, will launch you into a gradual generation of Unicorn growth hack.

On the eventuality that you achieve this, then, you continue to try it out repeatedly, until it ceases to produce results.

You replicate the results of the unicorn hack, by carrying out activities like re-purposing content, launching a webinar, making videos among other examples.

In conclusion, noting that Unicorn marketers are made and not born. As I earlier mentioned in this article that, Unicorn marketers are scarce, the features described can be built over time, through dedication and hard work.

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