Unexpected reasons employees you think are happy, Quit

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Are you an employer, so focused-driven on obtaining results, but you hardly take time to identify hidden signs among your employees that could lead to their unexpected exit even though, you think they are happy?

Learn to spot subtle signs in your employees, before they shock you with an unexpected resignation. No employer would love to get caught unawares. Getting talent is not easy to come by and losing them is depressing, but it is a worse situation if you are left in the dark, as to why they quit unexpectedly.

Some of the familiar reasons why employees quit include, toxic work environment, a nagging boss, low pay rate compared to work hours and skills applied. The very one you do not spot is those that suddenly appear like a jigsaw puzzle, which leaves you in a confused state.

Why find yourself in a confused state, when you can easily spot the signs that would have saved you from such headaches?

Some of these less obvious reasons, why employees quit your organization includes:

One-way contract work
The feeling an employee gets when believes that he must assist in the growth and development of the company, but the company in return appears to care less about such an employee. This is a kind of undertone that makes the employee feel that he is not having a required personal development within the company.

When an employee quits, stagnation may not be the first reasons to manifest, however, the relationship between the employee and the company, which does not appear mutual, might see the employee quit. Give your employees the room to have a taste of personal development.

Changing career goals are met with unbending job definitions
Recent research shows that employees want to get their work reshaped by adding new responsibilities and redefining old work to fit into their passion. Aspirations in a career path can change at any time.

Although in management, we realize the necessity of having a clear job description, it should, however, be noted that there is a difference between clear and unyielding. Let your employees, therefore, get hold of creative work designs that will make the job description flexible.

Work has changed, but my employer has not
When you, as an employer, do not enable a flexible workspace, you might unknowingly give your employees a chance to quit. Rigidity from an employer can stifle an employee and box such to a corner, where the feeling of encroachment sets in.

This same employee sees flexibility in rival companies. He, therefore, weighs his options. Observing that employees of rival companies are not, even, performing up to what he delivers, sets such an employee on the path of envy, which dovetails to his/her quitting the job.

You need to provide a flexible work environment for your employees, who know that, flexibility would lead to proficiency.

It is not just how they’re recognized, but also who else is
An average human appreciates the recognition, whether publicly or privately. Lack of it might lead to grievances among your employees, but a flip side to this is that your employees can also be disgruntled when an undeserved recognition is given to an individual.

Some recognition is also bestowed, using a criterion not consistent. This leads to strife in your organization.

Use these insights to make a case for your employees’ not to quit.

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