Tech Trends (Channels TV)

Unemployment in Nigeria: Technology to the Rescue!

The Tech Trends show on Channels Television is a fun and progressive TV show that brings you the latest, most exciting, educative and entertaining issues on technology from all over the world.

This coming Monday, the show will kick off with the Tech Tip segment where you will learn how to free up storage space on your devices. This will be followed by juicy and interesting tech news on the News segment, loaded with graphics for your viewing delight.

The Gadget Review segment will focus on dissecting the features, design, capabilities, etc., of Chromecast which is an impressive streaming device built by Google, in an interesting review.

Gbenga SesanTech Trends has always been at the forefront of seeking ways of using technology to improve the livelihood of the human race, Nigerians inclusive. The Guest Interview segment of Tech Trends on Channels Television this coming Monday will feature Gbenga Sesan as guest, the Executive Director of PIN- Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, in an enchanting discussion on how jobs can be created for the teaming unemployed in Nigeria through the opportunities offered by technology.

Gbenga Sesan trained as an Electronic & Electrical Engineer at Obafemi Awolowo University and has completed Executive Education programs at Lagos Business School, Oxford University, Harvard University and Stanford University.ProWork, a Nigerian-developed app that enables you to step up real-time collaboration with your team will feature on the App Of The Week segment.

Tech Trends on Channels TV this coming Monday will come to a close with the Tech Clinic segment where answers to questions on how to conserve your Nokia X’s battery as well as what to do when you are unable to access your twitter account will be answered.

Be sure to hook up to this must-watch episode this coming Monday by 4:30pm on Channels TV (DSTV). Repeats will be aired on:

  • Tuesday: 7:30pm Channels TV (Benin)
  • Thursday: 3:30pm Channels TV (Terrestrial)
  • Friday: 12:30pm Channels TV (DSTV)
  • Sunday: 7:30pm in UK, Channels24 on BSkyB Channel 575
  • It will also be live on Channels Television, and later posted to YouTube at

Produced by Fred Okuonghae

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