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We are aware that digital platforms are some of the stepping stones that young entrepreneurs need to climb to scale.

The mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make though is, having a rush to open just any platform, if not all at once.

This is the wrong strategy and should get corrected. I know the excitement to have your business projected can be thrilling, but understanding your business and the platforms needed for your business growth is just as important.

I got a question from a friend asking if she could open a website for her small business. I told her, not yet.

Although she understands her business, she got confused as to which platform to use for her business to create awareness, as well as grow it.

Her target audience are students and youths, who fall under Generation Z and Generation Y, (millennials).

Having a website is good, but it also depends on your kind of business. Her business is, definitely, not one to require having a website yet, except she has a plantation, or running something bigger.

This is, usually, the challenge. Business owners should always research and dig deeper, to know their Target Audience, create a Customer persona, to further understand the Target Audience, have a connect with them – know them so well that, you can almost predict their outfit for a Monday.

Know the social media platform they are always regular on, the people they follow, the hashtags they follow and use, their reactions and responses to posts and when they are online to calmly check their timeline, search bar and their accounts.

Once you have understood those things about your audience, you should, as well note the generation that your target audience belongs to.

This would help narrow the social media platforms you need to focus on and get more reactions.

The generations are divided into five:

  • The silent generation 1925-1944
  • Baby boomers 1945-1964
  • Generation X 1965-1979
  • Millennial (Generation Y 1980-1994)
  • Generation Z 1995-2015

The above can serve as a helpful guideline, when you have established the age range of your Target Audience.

The common social media platforms used are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

Although new digital platforms have come into existence, the ones stated above are the most common platforms that links/ connect the generations.


This social media platform can be used to connect with Gen-Z, Gen-Y and Gen-X.

Being a digital platform to connect people and find friends, relate, share pictures and experiences, just like having a hangout with old and new friends, you would, definitely, find those three generations there.

Facebook has, also, made it easier to create ads, direct it to your target audience and monitor reactions.


This picture and video fun sharing digital platform, targets Gen-Z and Gen-Y, mostly and sometimes Gen-X, (even if they are on this platform, they are definitely, not active users).

You would find, mostly, teenagers and youths on this platform.

If they are your target audience this is, definitely, the right one. This platform, also, gives you the opportunity to create adverts and measure your advert reach and reaction.


The mini-world of controversy. Twitter target should be for Gen-Z and most importantly Gen-Y, as they are the most active users of this platform.

People of maturity with deep conversations and controversy – majorly youths.

This should be your go-to, if your target audience speaks all those.

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This picture sharing digital platform is, obviously, occupied by Gen-Z.

Their mini-hangout world, with friends sharing snaps, (pictures) and telling their stories, through these snaps.


Many people use this platform. Like they say, “your potential client might be on your Contact List”.

So, post up your brand and the services it provides, send broadcast messages and create a group chat for it, (for whoever gets interested in being in the group).

There is a Business Whatsapp platform available, so, this is definitely a plus.

Make sure your platform is always occupied, by keeping them informed on the current things going on in your industry, tips, inspiring posts and so on.

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A final year Mass Communication Student at Les Cours Sonou, University, Benin Republic. She is an art and media entrepreneur.

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