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The current Generation – Gen Z of 1995-2015, are the first digital natives to be born in the era technology existed and available for all.

Gen Zers are the rightful tech owners, as they are born to be digital because of the world of vast technological advancement and innovations.

This has made the Gen Z, very much different from their parents’ generation and they are aware of this.

The leverage they have and their way of thinking is different, plus they are friends with machines, which is normal in this generation.

Technology, although could be helpful or harmful, it is not just changing education and Gen Z.

It has increased strong connectivity to the outside world for them to explore.

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It has, also, opened the door of depression to the tech generation and also, increased the rate of suicide among them.

They as well lose focus on what is real when, unnecessarily, immersed in Virtual Reality.

Generation Z have their everyday life built on Social Media and technology.

Due to this, they have more knowledge and experience on how to handle tech, as they have never imagined, or been in a world where technology was far from man’s reach.

The tech generation, places more importance on technology, social media and Wi-Fi, hardly staying off.

They can be regarded as authentic story seekers, with fear of missing out – always wanting to be on track, with what is new and current.

The majority of Gen Z hardly have true friends or hangout with mates.

They would rather pick up their phones to work application, video call, or chat.

Gen Zers use up to five different social media channels per day, thinking carefully about what they put on social media, checking on social media hourly.

Spending more time in refreshing their media feed than, even, reading through it, watching YouTube, at least weekly and so many more.

With how easy technology has made education as well, they do not have to leave the house to learn.

Technology has, although made Gen Z lazy, as they find it difficult to think for themselves and would rather have machines think for them.

They do not always place priority on where necessary, either, but would rather get engaged on media and tech for days on end.

All is not gloom and doom with the Gen Z generation, though. Among them, we have young game developers, programmers, content developers, website developers and so on.

These are some of the advantages that technology has bequeathed to our current world, through this generation of people, as they are also new market skills.

Generation Z should, however, be taught to limit their over-dependence on and relationship with technology, even, with them being natives of it.

Technology has caused a lot of distractions and destruction to their generation, which they know and need to curb, wisely.

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A final year Mass Communication Student at Les Cours Sonou, University, Benin Republic. She is an art and media entrepreneur.

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