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Uber Shutdown Uber Eats in 8 Countries Due to Low Penetration

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Uber has recently released a statement that it will be shutting down Uber Eats, due to low penetration and the fact that it does not see the food delivery company as being one of the most sought after delivery companies, in some selected markets, in 8 countries across the world.

Uber has always prided itself, in being the best and one of the topmost companies, in almost every country and across the years, it has maintained this standard.

Uber Eats has been successful, in some European countries, i.e. UK, Switzerland, Spain, France, Norway, Russia.

It has, also, been successful in North America and some countries in Asia, but the company is finding it difficult to stand out and be the topmost food delivery company, in some markets, across 8 countries, namely, Czech Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Uruguay.

“We have made the decision to discontinue Uber Eats, in Czech Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Uruguay and to wind down the Eats app and transition operations, to Careem in UAE”, Uber stated, in the release.

“This continues our strategy, of focusing our energy and resources, on our top Eats markets around the world”, the release further stated.

As at now, Uber Eats is, available in over 50 cities, in 13 countries, across the globe and it is, still growing, although, it has not spread its tentacles, across the African plains, as it is, only, present in selected countries, like South Africa, Rwanda and Egypt.

Sometimes last month, the platform decided to offer, free and subsidize Uber Eats services, to health workers and care workers, in the UK, due to the ravaging effects of coronavirus.

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