UAE Is Set for the First University of Artificial Intelligence By 2020

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With a global estimation, of up to $4 trillion value, derived from Artificial Intelligence, (AI), the world is set, to get its first graduate level, AI University, by September 2020.

Gartner, an industry analysis firm, gave the estimation, to be around $3.9 trillion, in value. According to the firm, the use of Artificial Intelligence will take dominance, in data science support and applications, based on algorithm, in years to come.

These developments, therefore, call for promoting Artificial Intelligence education, in higher institutions of learning. A new model of research, in AI will be introduced, to this University.

The University is, also, set to offer its students and staff members, access to, several of the world’s, most sophisticated AI systems and structure.

Named, the Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, (MBZUAI), the first of its kind in the world, the school will bring the discipline of AI, to bare, by creating an atmosphere of creativity, in AI enthusiasts, who can lead a new generation of AI era.

“The university is an open invitation. from the United Arab Emirates to the world, to further harness the potentials of Artificial Intelligence. the university is, investing in human capital, knowledge and scientific thinking and the UAE is, one of the first countries, to define an inclusive and integrated AI vision and strategy that covers multiple sectors”, stressed Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of State and Chair, of the Board of Trustees of MBZUAI.

The school will offer courses, in three areas of AI- Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Included, also, are six MSC and Ph.D. programs.

According to the school board, all students admitted into the program, are entitled to obtain scholarships alongside a monthly allowance.

Open, to both local and international graduate students, MBZUAI is set, to welcome all, from across the world, into its campus.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought advancements, in robotics and automation and this indicates that a lot of jobs, will get thrown off the shelve. Jobs that are repetitive routines, would be performed by machines.

“We are now at the turning point in the widespread application of advanced intelligence. That evolution is, among other things, creating exciting, new career opportunities in, nearly, every sector of society”, stated Professor Sir Michael Brady, Interim President of MBZUAI.

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