Two Nigerians In The Final 20 Selected For 2019 Anzisha Prize

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Young African entrepreneurs are re-shaping the innovative space, with their imaginative thinking.

With this recent trend, there appears to be a bright future, for the African tech ecosystem, as well as, a prosperous economy.

The Anzisha Prize, recently unveiled its top 20 finalists, from about 500 entries, for its 2019 Prize and the winner, is slated to be announced on Tuesday, October 22, 2019, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The winner would smile to the bank, after pocketing a grand prize of $25 000, at the prize award, running in its 9th year.

A combined effort of the Mastercard Foundation and African Leadership Academy, in partnership, the Anzisha Prize, dedicates its award, to celebrating young, African entrepreneurs, whose ideas can re-shape the African continent.

The 20 selected candidates, got selected, after they had, successfully, demonstrated their business knowledge, in solving Africa’s challenges.

Two candidates each got selected from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Uganda, while Somalia, South Africa, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Republic of Congo, Benin Republic, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt and Congo DRC, had one each.

The two Nigerians selected, to have a shot at the prize are, Abdulwaheed Alayande and Emmanuel Okon.

Abdulwaheed Alayande, aged 21, is the Co-Founder of TREP labs, a platform tackling health challenges with the intention of building a society, where you can have access, to health facilities, at a low-cost.

Credit: Twitter

Trep Labs, seeks to make the health status in Africa, better than it is, starting with REAL DRIP, a low-cost infusion monitoring device that, makes infusion treatment, simpler and safer, by continuously, monitoring the flow rate, administering medication and automating the treatment process.

The normal infusion process, used in hospitals is, manual, which has to do, with a constant follow up, on the medications administered.

After the medication has been administered and the drip, or, bloodline did not stop, it can lead to the outflow of blood, from the patient’s body, which can build up complications.

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Real drip, is a device that works with the fluid administered, to give an accurate treatment. It makes work more precise.

With real drip, you can work from a distance, with the mobile app and you can always monitor your patient.

The real drip device gets hanged on the infusion stand, then, you fix the fluid on the real drip device, so, it monitors the treatment you administer to your patients.

Emmanuel Okon, aged 22, Founder of Vmedkit, an ed tech initiative, enabling the convergence of immersive technology and validated content, to improve healthcare.

Credit: Anzishaprize

The platform combines virtual reality, with real-life surgical experiences, to practice medical operations.

Basically, through innovative technology, Vmedkit, is on a mission, to open up access to mental healthcare and education, using virtual reality

The health platform, offers therapy to patients, with mental illness, as it offers a therapeutic escape, from pain, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and PTSD.

With better experience, for its users, Vmedkit teleport patients around the world, to tranquil nature environments, where they can relax.

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