Two Nigerian Entrepreneurs Selected for Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

The Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom has announced the names of 16 entrepreneurs shortlisted for the next year’s Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation.

The announcement was made in Cape Town, South Africa by the royal body which has claimed to be the biggest prize specially dedicated to innovation on the engineering front on the African continent.

The Royal body awards engineering solutions developed specifically to solve local challenges.

Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. - cfamedia

According to the academy, a special package of support will go to the shortlisted startups for the next months ahead.

Four finalists will get selected, which will see the winner of the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation bag £25 000 while the next three positions would each receive £10 000.

Two Nigerians made the selection for the 16 shortlists ad this article focus on them


The agric tech start-up founded by Aisha Raheem employs technology to cause a reduction in food wastage, thereby strengthening nutritional values and empowering the next generation of farmers in Sub Saharan Africa.

Farmz2U was founded in 2014 to make available technology solutions to small and medium-scale farmers and also food availability to the end consumers.

With the aim of enhancing the food value chain, the Agric tech platform provides solutions that incorporate research from key stakeholders in the agriculture industry.

With increased connectivity between end consumers and farmers, Farmz2U aims to attain the social goal of decreasing food wastage.

Farmers in the Sub-saharan region of Africa are faced with challenges ranging from a poor knowledge gap and limited access to the market.

Farmz2U farming management platform has been developed to assists farmers in the region on a journey through their agricultural value chain.

With the provision of input and other values, Farmz2U is ensuring equal benefits across the agricultural value chain.


Garbage In Value Out (GIVO) founded by Victor Boyle-Komolafe, is an enterprise solution established to solve the local waste collection challenge.

This is done through the automation of collection activities taking place within the value chain of the B2B waste.

Within the recycling ecosystem, GIVO has provided employment opportunities and simultaneously saving the environment from pollution.

GIVO has recognised the disposition of an average African to entrepreneurship and has therefore aimed to bring this idea into a business while combining it with technology.

Other selected startups from five other African countries include;

  • Kenya: Aquaprotein, Cist Ethanol Fuel, Safi Organics, Solar Jiko and Tree_Sea.Mals Mini-Grid
  • Ghana: Bace API, EcoRide, GrainMate, Lab & Library on Wheels
  • Uganda: Ecowater Purifier, PapsAI and Remot
  • Malawi: Cathel
  • South Africa: DryMac

Featured Image: Aisha Raheem (Farmz2U) and Victor Boyle-Komolafe (GIVO)

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