Turning Customer Complaints into Valuable Lessons

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Nothing hurts, as much as, getting complaints from your customers, about products that you make, or, sell.

Complaints may make our great efforts and hard work, seem useless, but on a closer look, they are capable of helping us to construct our businesses to be better placed.

Instead of dreading or avoiding complaints from customers, learn to see those complaints as valuable feedback and then, turn those them into valuable lessons that can, positively, affect your brand.

Making it easy for customers to complain will help you, to improve your business.

Attaching feedback features, to your website, having customer forms filled, or, any other means of getting feedback, will help you to know the basic areas in your business that needs improvement.

Learn to keep track of your customer base, inquire about their feedback and assure them of appropriate changes.

Doing these, will make them want to try your product out again.

As a business leader, complaints often hurt one’s ego, but putting your personal feelings aside, will help in embracing constructive criticisms about your product.

Apart from just noting complaints, listening to customer complaints, will be useless, without taking action.

Actions taken on customer feedback, will build trust and good relationship between you and your customer.

If they complain of a particular area, introduce the compliant to your team and rub heads together, to attain a fix.

Separating yourself from your team to fix a problem is dangerous. Getting reviews and ideas from other team members will bring more excellent results.

Some customer complaints may not hold any water. Introducing such to the team will enable a fair response, to such cases.

In taking complaints, it is wise not to be quick to respond in defense.

Listen to them express themselves, apologize and let them know that, it will be investigated and they will have a feedback from you on it.

If there must be any response, it should be you, explaining to them, why things turned out the way they did and not you, trying to be on the defensive, to prove a point.

Most customers are not just satisfied with an apology, or, action. They appreciate compensation.

If someone complains about having a stone in a food package, do not just apologize and give another one, try to give an extra one, to build a good customer relationship.

Negative reviews are part of the growth process of every business.

Seek to know how your customers feel, about your products.

Often times, customers, who have complaints, after being satisfied, turn out to be more loyal customers, than others.

“Serving more people, increasing your customer base and making them more deeply engaged, is by itself good business”, explained Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook.

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