TREP Labs; Providing Simple Medical Solutions At Lower Costs

The diverse diseases emerging in the 21st century is responsible for one-quarter of the death worldwide apart from the death caused by accidents.

Africa, specifically, has diseases that have existed and are increasing among people or those that just emerged due to climate and weather, human vulnerability to infections, changing ecosystems, human demographics and behavior, war and famine, social inequality.

Most of this disease originated in Africa. For instance, HIV infection originated from wild monkeys in Africa.

We cannot deny that poverty and poor health services increase health problems especially in rural areas where they cannot afford basic health care services and they lack health care practitioners.

They are faced with different challenges such as malnutrition, poor basic amenities, lack of water reservoir which endangers them drinking from the stream where most of them do their laundries and take their baths.

To every problem, there is a solution. With the emergence of technology in Nigeria, the ecosystem ignited by youth is evolving very fast with the invention of new technologies.

The evolution of new technologies comes from the youth exploring their wealth of knowledge and skills in technology to advance our world.

The increase in disease in our world today is alarming.

People die daily due, to incurable disease and for some who could not manage it when it comes.

The disease of various types has eaten deep in our society that they need to cure them should not be our goal and how to avoid them so we can stay healthy and be well.

To tackle the issue of deteriorating health challenges, Alayande Abdulwaheed Abiola, Co-founder of TREP Labs and Product Lead with Taofeek Olalekan Afeez, Co-founder and Technical Lead launched TrepLabs February 2018.

TREP Labs - cfamedia

Trep Labs came to be in a bid to tackle health challenges.

With the intention to build a society where you can have access to health facilities at a low-cost.

The platform want to assisst in making sure you live healthy and well instead of trying to cure disease.

The founders intend taking treplabs even to rural areas so everyone can have access to easier and safer health services.

They are passionate about the health services rendered to people and they intend to make it better.

They feel everybody has the right to life and a healthy one at that. They intend to build a technology that addresses real human challenges.

Trep Labs seeks to make the health status in Africa better than it is starting with REAL DRIP, a low-cost infusion monitoring device that makes infusion treatment simpler and safer by continuously monitoring the flow rate, medication administered and automating the treatment process.

The normal infusion process used in hospitals is manual which have to do with a constant follow up on the medications administered.

The manual infusion process also can lead to complications.

After the medication has been administered and the drip or bloodline did not stop, it can lead to outflow of blood from the patient’s body which can build up complications.

TREP Labs - cfamedia
Credit: treplabs

The normal infusion process also causes stress for the medical practitioners who have to go check on their patient to be sure their medications are uninterrupted.

It also restricts their works services. They are not able to work from a far distance except they are close to their patient.

Real Drip comes into the scene here, in a bit to help solve this infusion process and also make it easier and faster for both patient and medical practitioners.

Real Drip helps administer blood infusion and drip treatment to patients. It a device which works with the fluid administered to give an accuracy of treatment. it makes work more precise.

With real drip, you can work from a distance with the mobile app and you can always monitor your patient.

The real drip device is hanged on the infusion stand, then, you fix the fluid on the real drip device so it monitors the treatment you administer to your patients.

TREP Labs - cfamedia
Credit: treplabs

With the remote functionality, you can control the device from your office.

They tend to go further in the functionality of real drip in a way that the device stops treatment when the fixed gauge is reached, so it does not give under infusion.

TREP Labs recently graduated from FbStart Accelerator and was among the 15 finalists in the 2019 Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge.

This device is made affordable so everybody can have access to it. The device works with or without the internet.

The invention of TrepLabs gives hope to our medical services in Nigeria and Africa.

It assures us of an evolving medical system which aims at making sure everyone lives a healthy life, has access to medical treatment irrespective of distance and such affordable.

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Featured Image: Alayande Abdulwaheed Abiola, Co-founder and Product Lead (Left), Olalekan Afeez, Co-founder and Technical Lead (Right), TREP Labs