Top 5 Hiring Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

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One of the most difficult aspects of building up a start-up is, hiring the right people, to work with you and if you can get that right in this sphere, your start-up will be among the 10, out of 100 businesses that, will survive its first two years.

The strength of your start-up, lies in, the kind of people you hire, to work with you.

Over the years, lots of businesses have collapsed, due to the fact that staff does not buy into the Founder’s dream and they are not fired up enough, to key into it.

Hiring the wrong staff can be nightmarish, so, you just have to do everything you can, to avoid this.

Once Founders fail, in terms of hiring the right individuals, in this regard, there is a high probability that the Founder may start struggling with the business, which may result, in the downward spiral of the start-up.

To help avoid these here are 5 hiring mistakes, sometimes made, by entrepreneurs, that you should avoid:

Absence During The Hiring Process

One place you should not be found missing is, in the process of hiring.

Being present, during this process, affords you, the opportunity to know more about the person you are hiring.

It is advisable to note that, at least, one of the Founders of the business should be heavily involved, in the hiring process.

Constant Hiring

Sometimes ago, a friend of mine told me about an organization he once worked for.

He said the Founder has a knack, for hiring and firing workers, on a wimp. This resulted in workers, working with fear and in time, the start-up folded up.

You just have to stop hiring and firing, constantly, as it does not bode well, for the growth of the start-up.

Identify the people you want to hire and give them all that they need, to succeed, in the task given to them.

If, at any time, the hired individuals are not measuring up, call them out and point it out to them, so, they can adjust.

Not Hiring On Merit

Ensure that, all your staff, are hired, based on merit.

They must have something extra that, they are bringing to the team and if not, then, you should not bother hiring them in the first place.

Be careful, when hiring staff because you know them, or, because you merely want to help them because they are your relations. It may have a bad effect on the start-up.

Not Hiring Professionals

One thing that is becoming rampant in society today is that employers are now looking for cheap labor.

Hiring and throwing individuals, with zero experience on the job specification, can spell doom, for your start-up.

Learn to hire professionals that have well-grounded skills on the job specification. This will ensure that the job moves on, smoothly.

If you cannot hire professionals, get interns and give them the right training, for them to develop.

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Not Taking your Co-Founders Along

When short-listing applicants, during the hiring process, take time and discuss with the other Co-Founders, about the merit and demerits, of all those short-listed.

Do not be in a rush, to take this decision. Share and sleep over it and take a collective decision.

I am sure that, keying into some of the points raised above, will save you a whole lot of headache with your staffing, as well as, propel your business to greater heights, hiring the best hands you can get in town.

Avoid these hiring mistakes as much as you can.

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