Top 3 Blockchain Smartphones Causing a Buzz in the Tech World

One of the attributes of blockchain technology is that it presents us, with watertight security measures that is, almost impossible to modify.

It permanently records and rubber stamps every transaction carried out on it. This, invariably, gives us a sense of security and reliability in anything we do, regarding the blockchain.

Some manufacturers of mobile phones have taken the phone technology, a bit further, by incorporating the blockchain application into a mobile phone.

The blockchain smartphones are, basically, phones that are designed, with enhanced security measures, to protect private keys, cryptocurrencies, giving users, more flexible ability, to mine crypto and run bitcoin nodes, all from their mobile phones.

Blockchain phones vary, but one connecting factor is that, they all bring the blockchain technology, closer to humans and provides, top security measures that the average smartphones, (Androids, or, iPhones), cannot match, for now.

Below are 3 of the blockchain smartphones, currently making inroads, into the market:

Samsung Galaxy S10
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Over the years, Samsung has been known, to always put out sleek and stylishly designed mobile phones and the Samsung Galaxy S10, lives up to the billing.

The smartphone comes with Android processing power, awesome screen and triple-camera setup, with a strong selection of dapps and a cryptocurrency wallet.

It has its own ‘Trusted Execution Environment’, (TEE) and the Snapdragon 855 processor within.

Users can access the LEO Token, USD Coin, Ethereum, Chainlink, and a host of others.

To own the Samsung Galaxy S10, will cost you about $899.

HTC Exodus S1
Blockchain smartphones - cfamedia

The HTC Exodus S1, comes with a 13-megapixel main camera, 720p display at 5.7″ Qualcomm and a Snapdragon 435 chip onboard and it cost about $250.

This smartphone offers users, not only the blockchain security but it, also, comes with the Zion Vault.

The ‘Trusted Execution Environment’, (TEE), isolates, temporarily, the operating system, to protect user’s data, when signing transactions.

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The smartphone, also, comes with a feature, which ensures that users never lose a key, as they can access the social key features that enable trusted people, among their contacts access.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is, popularly, called KlaytnPhone, in South Korea, the native home of the company.

KlaytnPhone was released, with a special edition of blockchain, in partnership with Kakao.

The KlaytnPhone uses the KLAY token, provided by Kakao, South Korea’s largest mobile services platform.

The smartphone is, currently, sold, only in South Korea. The rest of the world cannot wait to have the experience of this blockchain smartphone.

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