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Tizeti; Wi-fi Solar Based Station Initiates 4G LTE Network Across Nigeria

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There is a new dawn in Nigeria and things are changing drastically and its either you get on board or get left out.

One start-up that will be changing some narrative in the nearest future is an indigenous solar-based internet service provider called Tizeti.

It recently launched its 4G LTE network and has planned to increase coverage to other cities in Nigeria and West Africa in the year 2020.

Since raising $3 million in funding last year which has now increased to more than $5 million this year, the start-up (an alumnus of the Y Combinator and XL Africa accelerators) has been expanding operations in key areas of Nigeria.

Tizeti is set to initiate its first phase of the penetration of 4G LTE services in Rivers, Edo and Ogun States.

Following the launch, the start-up will build a solar-powered, 4G LTE towers in Port Harcourt, where the 4G and ISP services will be offered.

The next phase will see, Tizeti implement the same plan (as in Port Harcourt) in Edo and Ogun States respectively.

Speaking at the official launch, Kendall Ananyi, chief executive officer (CEO) Tizeti said: “the 4G connectivity would empower people in Nigeria’s South-South and South-West states, stimulate/improve economic activities, and provide unlimited access to affordable and reliable broadband services.”

He further stated that “Access to affordable and reliable unlimited internet connectivity has been an intractable problem for a lot of Nigerian businesses and residential customers, especially for people in Edo, Rivers and Ogun States.”

Ananyi also states that “To effectively address this issue and provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution, we leverage our solar-powered, always-on towers and robust internet bandwidth from MainOne to create a low CAPEX and OPEX network of owned and operated towers.

This gives us the ability to offer customers unlimited internet at 30 to 50 percent of the cost of traditional mobile data plans.”

Featured Image: Nairametrics

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