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Tips on Outsmarting Malware

Each week, Tech Trends on Channels Television aspires to keep you on top of the latest, most relevant updates in the world of technology. It is not surprising that Nigerians are increasingly getting more and more vulnerable to malware. According to a report released by Kaspersky, 13.8% of Nigerians face cyber threats originating from the internet while 45.3% of those living in the country get malware from local networks. On the Tech Tips segment, viewers are given tips that can help them stay protected from malware.

The Oraimo power bank is a functional power storage unit for your smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. It was the feature of the Gadget review segment; not only because of its impressive power storage capabilities, but also because it comes with an exciting array of extra features.

The VTS for android is a mobile app that scans your phone for vulnerabilities. To find out how this Mobile App can enhance your online security, you should watch this exciting episode.

Last episode’s giveaway saw 3 viewers each, walk away with an Oraimo Accessory Selfie Stick and Power bank. This week, one lucky winner will receive a RedHat Linux Scholarship, courtesy of Virtual Nigeria. You could be one the lucky winner this week. Watch this show to find out how this valuable gift could be yours. Keep watching Tech Trends on Channels Television.

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