Productive Tips for Building an Effective Remote Team

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Working from home, as part of a remote team, has increased dramatically, with the boom of the technology age.

Working from home can really be interesting and convenient for remote workers.

They are able to work in the comfort of their home and still deliver on target, effectively.

Business owners are not restricted to hiring people, who live close, or, are ready to commute from one place to the other.

People are now hired, on the basis of their willingness to work from a distance, with a good internet connection and still produce results.

Employees are the core of your organization, which is why you need to hire people, who are capable of carrying out their job roles effectively, irrespective of the distance.

Remote workers are productive and efficient, to help your company get to its peak, professionally, if the best are hired.

Below are tips on how to build a remote team:


One of the strength of business growth is effective communication.

When employees and employers are not communicating well in an organization, it reduces productivity.

Technology has made it easy for people to communicate, without fear of distance.

Our different social media platforms, provides opportunities for video calls, which helps you to have access to who you are communicating with.

Remote teams leverage on these platforms, to build better communication systems.

Meet in Person

Apart from having the choice of speaking online, it is, also, important that, companies create opportunities for team members to meet in person.

Companies can schedule the meetings, where they get to hang out, know each other more, apart from work assignments, for team bonding.

Develop your Team

Business owners should always be interested in the development of their team.

Invest more time and energy to train your team, in order for you to get the best out of them.

Growing your remote team is an investment, towards having an effective workforce.

For your remote team, you can always organise an online workshop for them, or, mentoring series.

Learning is the key to professional growth, so, companies should also prioritize on learning and development, just like they will, on making profit making.

Culture is Key

There might be difficulty in creating a company culture, having a distributed team.

One of the ways to make your remote team imbibe the company culture is to bake culture into everything you do.

Make the company culture active, in a team’s meetings, one-on-one and any other company function.

Remote teams should be aware of the company’s core values.

Also, make every member of your team know the importance of the company’s mission, so, everyone can work together in harmony.

Technology Assists You Hire And Manage

As a business owner, hiring process just got simpler.

Technology is not just to help remote teams to communicate, it also helps, in your hiring process and assists you in managing your team.

One of the benefits of hiring an employee to a remote team is problem of location.

Getting a job in this age has been made easy. Someone living in china can work for a company here in Nigeria, due to the rise of technology.

You are able to hire employees of your choice, not being restricted by distance, or, location and still get the best employees.

Remote teams bring high level of satisfaction and they can lead to company’s high productivity.

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