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How to Tidy Up Your Gallery, Hide Files and Photos

There is nothing as annoying as having to scroll, looking for a photo due many media files.

You could tidy up your gallery, hiding all those unnecessary files and pictures without having to install any other app.

Sometimes, we get anxious when someone checks our phones. We get worried what the person might see on our phone, either photo or video

The chances are that your music app downloads, like the Boom app or the music player of HTC.

It keeps downloading and updating your music files with the songs album cover, this leaves a countless number of pictures on your gallery.

WhatsApp too loads your phones with files, documents, photos, audios that clog up our gallery.

How do you then tidy up your gallery?

To clear up your space, you need to do the following:

  • Get a computer system; use a USB cable to connect your phone to the computer
  • Go to My Computer, open your phone
  • Scroll down to music folder or directory
  • Right-click and create an empty text file.
  • Change the name of the new text file to .nomedia
  • Make sure the dot is there
  • Repeat the same step above in any folder or directory that has such unnecessary files.

Disconnect your phone and see the outcome

Please note that this can also be done without the use of a computer. Change the name to .nomedia. This is very effective.

In case you want to hide individual files on your Android phone.

Connect your phone to a computer system as described above.

Open up the DCIM directory of the phone as shown on the computer.

This time the name of the new folder to be created will be .hidden

Also create a new text file that is empty, naming it .nomedia

Select and move the files, pictures and or videos you want to be hidden in the folder .hidden which you created above.

Savor the privacy henceforth.


Like my friend will say, my phone is my phone. Take charge of who sees what and what can be seen by other people.

Apart from the above steps, you can also encrypt your files. But this is tricky because if you forget the password, decrypting it will be such a struggle.