The three Nigerian Tech Start-ups Selected for Africa Early Stage Investor Summit

Towards the build up of the sixth edition of the Africa Early Stage Investor Summit taking place in Cape Town by November, twelve tech start-ups have been selected across the continent.

Hosted by VC4A alongside the African Business Angel Network (ABAN), the event is scheduled to hold through the 13-15 of November in South Africa.

Every year, selected founders are chosen to exhibit their venture before investors to raise between $250,000 and $5 million in Series A funding.

Out of the twelve selected from the more than a thousand applicants, eleven of them are gunning for the Series A funding while one got selected for the “Seed+”

This article focuses on the 3 Nigerian tech start-ups selected:


This technology company develops point-of-sale credit infrastructure with the aim of easing consumer credit purchases and also enabling retail businesses to provide on-demand credit for the consumer population.

Credpal sets to revolutionize consumer credit in emerging markets, starting with Africa.

According to its website, the tech company since inception has enabled large corporations to grow as much as 16%, while young businesses have achieved a 200% growth.

The company works through a four-point agenda; Transparency, customers first, simplicity and innovation and these according to their website makes customers choose their brand.


According to its website, the tech company is Africa’s largest offline distribution network with the aim of empowering businesses to drive mass adoption of digital, crypto and financial services to underserved populations in their communities.

CrowdForce is changing the narrative around the distribution network ecosystem through the building of up to a million merchants with the mindset to provide financial inclusion services to Africa’s teeming consumer population.

With the use of mobile technology and a large agent network, the company assists businesses, digital wallets, banks, government agencies and NGOs to reach a large population of the underserved in the emerging market.

The tech company offers its users, access to financial service, reliable data and cryptocurrencies.


Africa Early Stage Investor Summit - cfamedia
This tech company works with hospitals to find life-saving medical products and deliver them to the hospitals in the right condition across Africa.

Lifebank believes that no African should die from a shortage of essential medical products at the hospital level.

According to its website, the goal of the health tech start-up is to deliver needed medical products such as blood, blood products, oxygen, as well as vaccines to hospitals across Africa.

The other selected tech start-ups for Africa Early Stage Investor Summit are FinChatBot, FlexClub, Mobiz and Snapsave (South Africa), 7Keema, Brimore, Buseet and VRapeutic (Egypt) and Yassir from Algeria.


Featured Image: Ventureburn

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