Do You Have this Type Of leader? Consider These Factors Before Quitting Your Job

There exist, some behavioral patterns that tend to advance the face of negative leadership.

Leaders who use their exalted positions, to bring down their followers’ morale, while failing to influence them.

Though, there are leaders, who can show their competencies, when it comes to advancing the course of a company’s profitability.

Nevertheless, they do so, at the expense of team members, who could assist in making profitability happen.

This is not the type of leader that, an average follower would like to work with, but moving forward, consider putting forward these thoughts.

You belong to a company that cares for people with all manner of sincerity, you have teammates that collaborate with all delight and watch one another’s back.

Then, you decided to opt-out and look for greener pasture that has promised you more cash, to your pocket and an upgrade in status. You may have to reconsider your choice.

Have you ever considered that reason for a team’s high performance and convenient work culture is because of the presence of a certain human-centered leader?

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This type of leader put people first and are ready to stretch their followers, to the positive end of the limit.

Unfortunately, a number of workers, left their promising jobs, with the notion that they are heading for greener pasture in their new destination, but were roundly disappointed, after taking the gamble.

Warren Buffet said, in one of his advises, stated that, once one finds an individual, or, company that is admirable, it is better to stick to it, than seek for job offers that promise a higher pay.

“Go to work, for whomever you admire the most. Not only will you be jumping out of bed in the morning and having fun, but, also, you can’t get a bad result”, Buffet stressed

Here are signs from a great leader that shows why you should not leave your career path:

Leaders Who Make Others Shine
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A great leader does not need any validation, or commendation, to prove his, or her worth, as they have an understanding of what they already achieved.

They prefer that, others get the spotlight alongside, giving them credit.

You, even, see them fall to the backstage and celebrate the accomplishments of their team members, after this.

This is enough to boost the confidence of their followers and striking a line of trust with the leader.

Leaders who Possess Integrity
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Leaders with integrity are easily spotted, as they demonstrate it, over and over again, by their actions and inactions.

It is a virtue that cannot be hidden. Having them around you guarantee that you will not be left in the dark when it comes to some actions.

As a follower with this type of leader, you do not have to bother about trust issues, as you are already covered.

Leaders Who Are Humble
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The concept of humility in leadership, cannot be overemphasized because that trait is rare with leaders.

Once you spot that, your leader has got this rare virtue, it is better, for you to stick with him, or, her.

Unlike the overconfident leader, who does not want to admit any mistake and disregards opinions, such would have fewer followers around him, or, her.

Humble leaders, back down, when it is proven beyond doubt that, they are wrong.

Leaders Who Reward
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A great leader recognizes success, as a team effort. He, or, she, will never fly solo.

Such people understand human nature, by acknowledging that, an average human, deserves some elements of praise.

This kind of leader makes it a priority, to reward good work in public and in private.

If you have recognised all of these, in your present leader, you might want to consider it wisely, before making that move, to change your job.

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