These Technologies are Most Likely to Shape the New Decade

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Many technologies determined the outlook of the last decade, as they affected businesses and other daily activities.

This new decade too is, coming with greater challenges, as well as, projected technologies that would further shape our interaction, are set to start springing up.

Moving forward, some of the discussions might appear, as science fiction, but note that, they are all technologies that, we are, either seeing, already, or, in a development stage.

In the long run, what may appear as science fiction, would just, come right away, to our doorsteps.

Remember that, the concept of robotics, was once, bounded to Sci-fi movies

Below are some of the technologies that are coming, to shape this new decade:

Space exploration

This is not new, like the USSR, (now Russia and many other countries carved out of USSR), pioneered this, then the United States followed suit.

This new decade, is most likely, to see human return to space, going beyond the Earth’s orbit.

Going farther than stepping on the Moon, humans may set foot on Mars, this decade.

By 2028, NASA targets a permanent settlement on the Moon and by the end of 2020, or, early 2021, another Moon orbit is set.

Although, the mission to Mars appears, quite lofty, with SpaceX continued plans to land humans on it by the end of this new decade.

However, we should expect that, humans will return to space, this time around, beyond only what astronauts will enjoy, moving forward.

Mass automation

In this new decade, labor force, on the global scale, will, likely, take a new shape.

The advents of robots and robotics, at this point, have seen tasks done, efficiently, by robots.

With Artificial Intelligence now coming in, robots would, most likely, fully take over operations.

This will further remove any required human effort.

This decade, would likely, see automation, becoming the rule, as present jobs, might get out of the equation by the end of this decade.

The question to ask here is this; is the world prepared for the inevitable, automation takeover?

What would happen, to the millions of people that would be out of jobs?

Electric vehicle, taking over the automobile space

The idea of electric-enabled vehicles, has been around for a while, but not until the last decade, did that, technology was employed, to mass-produce them, on a grand scale.

The company behind this, Telsa, is hoping to sell majority of its all-electric cars.

Volvo will commence the manufacturing of electric-enabled vehicles, by next year, while Volkswagen will follow suit.

Towards the end of 2030, the world might be seeing the last line, of mass-produced gas-powered vehicles.

Human augmentation

Technologies, as at present, are developing extended human capabilities.

Amputees will now have more freedom, as this can be used, to make robotic limbs, which are thought-driven.

In the last decade, technologies that now connect computer, to our brains, were under development and they would, likely, be available for use, by the middle of this new decade.

Featured Image: industryweek

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