The Top 3 Emerging Technologies in 2020

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Innovations continue to spring up in the world of technology daily, to disrupt, or, upgrade existing technological innovations.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence, AI, from the way it was, in the 1970s is, now becoming more sophisticated.

Although, the applications of AI is still low and have not been, fully utilized, with the positive signs that we are seeing.

However, AI will soon be at the heart, of every technological innovation that, man will create.

The future is, indeed, exciting and man will, only benefit more, from the creation of more technological innovations.

The year 2020 is here and already, some emerging technologies that, will change the way man relates to his environment are, already, being created.

Below are the 3 top, emerging technologies that, will change the year 2020:

The Cyrcle Phone

This unique piece of the device was designed, by a US-based start-up and it is set to change the way smartphones are being viewed.

Unlike the normal smartphones that come in rectangular shapes, the Cyrcle phone, comes in a round shape.

It has features, such as, two headphone jacks, two SIM ports and it is Android 9 4G LTE compliant.

According to the maker, the smartphone was designed, with Generation Z female audience, in mind.

Toilet Paper Delivering Bot

The growth of IoT, albeit a little bit slow, has been a phenomenon. Tapping into the vast opportunities of IoT is, a company called, Charmin.

This company has been able, to build a bot called, “The Charmin RollBot”.

The Bot is, a two-wheel moving vehicle that is designed, to carry a roll of paper.

If you are in the toilet and forgot to install the toilet paper, with a simple tap on your smartphone, the bot will come, to bring in rolls of toilet paper.

Smart Bed

Millions of people, all over the world, will be super excited, about this product, as it is, specifically designed, to give humans, maximum comfort, when asleep.

This latest smart bed will help you warm your feet and ease any discomfort, in your body that, will enable you to sleep well and fast.

It further helps you, to stay asleep, by regulating your body temperature and cooling it, when the need arises.

All these, are geared, towards giving you maximum, beautiful experience, when you sleep.

Featured Image: makeuseof

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