The Prospects of Cloud Telephony to Startups

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Every entrepreneur’s dream is, to own a successful start-up that makes a difference, in society.

One of the ways that this is achieved is, by getting in the mix, as far as advancement in technology is concerned.

Irrespective of the service, the start-up is providing, the wise application of technology, to make informed decisions, helps it establish a strong market presence.

Start-ups are leveraging cutting-edge innovation, driven by technology, to explore more grounds.

Start-ups and new enterprises, ought to possess reliable sources that they can, simultaneously, store and access data from, while spending less, on infrastructure.

What reliable technology can offer this much, to start-ups? Cloud Telephony appears to be the solution that can help start-ups and small enterprises tackle this challenge.

With this technology, start-ups can afford to place their communication, in the cloud, as this will enable effective and secured database management of their customers.

What is, then, cloud telephony? Search field communications, define it, as the technology associated with the electronic transmission of voice, fax, or, other information, between distant parties, using systems, historically, associated with the telephone, a handheld device, containing both a speaker or, transmitter and a receiver.

At the other end of a customer care service, when you put a call through, you receive an automated voice.

Depending on what your enquiry is, if it is a general enquiry, you do not need human interaction, as a chatbot attends to you, but for a specific enquiry, you get an agent, to interact with you.

Cloud telephony plays a vital role, in the set-up of start-up businesses and here are the ways:

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New ventures, especially, start-ups, do not have the luxury to accommodate all the needs that their business brings forth, to the table.

Using cloud technology, through the use, of smartphones, start-ups can, effectively, manage their communications.
The cost of a cloud computing device is, affordable, while simultaneously, delivering a significant number of benefits.

With telephony services, start-up business tends to enjoy flexibility, as you have access, to all your business operations, anywhere in the world, with an electronic device and internet connection.

The integrated system of the cloud hosts your business on one platform, thus, allowing you and the other members of your team, to be effective.

High Security

All new ventures are concerned, about the security of their data. Start-ups are not left out of this worry, either. Nowadays, start-ups explore the option of storing their customer and employee data, in the cloud.

Through cloud telephony, the personal details, of your employees, are quite safe, as they tend to deal with random customers with virtual phone contacts.

With some form of encryption, data is, reliably, stored and this tends, to guarantee the security of their clients.

Assures Scalability
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The technology, also, helps you, to regulate a large volume of calls, at a time, through tracking and recording.

What advantage it brings to your business is, the assistance it renders, with the rate of customer retention, as customer queries, are answered in real-time.

It also helps your business, as potential customers, connect to your business, with ease.


With the power of automation, start-up businesses, often execute their messaging plans, by sending automated messages and with the ability, to schedule them.

Artificial intelligence has, also, played a big role, in automation, as it has helped, in the spotting of keywords and speech recognition.

Start-ups, willing to scale should, rather, opt for the cloud telephony option, as it presents their businesses, with flexibility and high security.

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