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The Internet of Things and COVID-19 [ICT Clinic]

In these modern days of technology, the Internet of Things appears to be the future as it already enhances lots of devices used domestically or in the professional world to be connected, thereby giving them the ability to perform data exchange over the Internet.

It appears that we are just at the beginning of what IoT could do. In 2017, the number of devices on IoT hit about 8.4 billion and expectations are that the figure will hit the 30 billion mark before 2020 runs out.

Beyond what the IoT can offer us as individuals, businesses are not also left out of the mix. With IoT, businesses can collect and analyse data to ensure, efficiency, safety and good decision making for their ventures.

The IoT can also speed up medical care, especially, in times like these when the coronavirus has taken its toll on the human population. Advanced technology such as the IoT can help curb the spread of the disease.

In clear terms, the IoT is a system that has the interconnection of devices with network elements, which include software, hardware, and any other necessary electronic means that enables them to be responsive, through data collection.

Talking about IoT is beyond the idea of systems that enable integration and exchange of data taking place between a service provider and a person in need. In this present pandemic, one of the key challenges, apart from finding a vaccine, has been ineffectiveness, coming from not being able to reach COVID-19 patients.

With the application of IoT, it would be quite easy to reach patients, such that they will, eventually, receive good care from the effects of the virus.

Now, going further on what technology can offer in this pandemic era, IoT itself is an innovative technology that can be used to give information and monitor systems of the COVID-19 epidemic. Asides that, the technology can be used in combating challenges in this pandemic situation by helping to provide transparent treatment processes for patients.

The IoT is a proven technology that acts as a connection to the immediate analytics and the science behind machine learning. Besides, the IoT in any typical function serves as a utility appliance in real-life. However, in this current predicament that the world is facing, all nations are combating the pandemic, according to their capacities, seeking cost-effective ways to face the challenge, fair and square.

Researches are going on in different quarters and attempts are being made to develop new theories and create explanations that are user-centred.

In the current situation that the world has found itself, the figures of infected patients keep on increasing by the day in many countries of the world. This calls for a need to leverage the facilities offered through the Internet of Things.

In some European countries, the IoT has already been put to good use by serving the intended purpose in various domains through the Internet of Medical Things or — Finish Reading on the Punch

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