The Good And Ugly Sides Of Facebook In 2019

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Asides from taking an overview of how Facebook has provided the platform for a seamless connection between family, friends and total strangers.

No one would forget the Cambridge Analytica scandal that rocked the platform in 2018.

2019 also has appeared to be another tough time for the social media giant. Ranging from its highly criticized cryptocurrency Libra to ads permitting falsehood from politicians and so on.

The Federal Trade Commission in the United States had previously fined Facebook a whopping $5 billion over the company’s misuse of users’ data.

This situation has seen the company lost some of its top executed via resignation. This has called for the platform’s monopoly to get broken.

However, not all stories relating to Facebook has been ugly as the company has continued to design products that ensure it stays atop the social networking ecosystem.

For the year 2019, let us consider some of the good and bad outcomes of Facebook.

Bad Side Of Facebook In 2019
Allowing ads promoting politicians lies

From all indications, it appears that, Facebook has allowed politicians, to present a tampered version, of their reality, in adverts.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, has come under severe criticism, for allowing falsehood, in political ads. Many argued that, this has happened, due to the platform’s commitment, to free speech and democracy.

Some school of thought, on Mark’s position, is that, the CEO does not, really, care about free speech. It is, all about the cash. Ads are not free and Facebook claims to micro-target it, to a minute part, of the population.

Google has, however, removed micro-targeting, for political ads, while twitter has banned political ads too.

Trying to install cameras and microphones in all homes

With Facebook’s Portal line of video-chat hardware and after cases of a privacy breach, the company decided, to sell its hardware products that come with cameras and microphones.

As usual, Facebook claimed that, it will not share what the Portal hears and sees, with advertisers, but after a month of the company’s launch, users found out the possibility of accessing other parties’ photos, without them knowing.

Facebook has, however, removed this ability, from its Portal TV.

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Good Side Of Facebook In 2019
Efforts to fight “deepfakes”

This was one of the big things that, Facebook faced, in the US 2016 elections. The social platform was filled, with what appeared like a disinformation campaign, from Russia.

What, then, are deepfakes? These are altered videos that appear to portray you, in a very bad light. Facebook, therefore, launched a platform that can fund the design of tools, to spot out some of these altered videos.

As part of its efforts, to gain back users’ trust, Facebook will, also, hire some parties, to create videos that would test, the deepfake tools.

Testing the likes, to be removed from Instagram

Facebook appears to have shown some level of concern, on the negative impacts the platform’s interface had, on its users.

In 2019, the platform started testing the removal of likes, from Instagram. You would be able to see your own likes, but your connection, will not be able, to see your number of likes.

There is, a possibility that, these changes, might come on the Facebook platform too. This action got prompted after the platform  consulted mental health experts.

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