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The Concept Of Innovation Is Growing Technology Faster than We Can Imagine – Chinagozi

One of the ways of increasing the number of people that are tech savvy and ultimately, use technology to make a living in Nigeria, thus, reducing the unemployment rate, is through the establishment and empowerment of, as many innovation hubs, as possible.

It is believed that, the likes of, as many Startups and creative’s, as possible, can spring up, there from, because, issues, such as, access to uninterrupted electricity and internet supply, as well as, office space rental, are taken care of, by the innovative hubs. The hubs also, offer much more, such as, access to mentors and investors, etc.

I recently, caught up with Daniel Chinagozi, Co-Founder, Innovation Growth Hub, Aba and Onitsha and the discussion centered on ways of strengthening innovation hubs across the country, on Tech Trends on Channels Television.

CFA: Good to have you on the show again.

Daniel: Thank you, CFA

CFA: What is the concept of innovation hubs?

Daniel: Innovation hubs, for me, are very important tool, platform, for growing Startups, creative’s, technology skills and businesses, in our clime today. The way they are positioned, is, such that, it is like a community. It is like coming together of people with different skills. The coming together of people with different ideas, in one place, to achieve their own individual aims and then, they come together to build a solid ecosystem that will grow both, technology Startups and businesses that are found in their communities, so, innovation hubs, most times, even, include learning.

Some people came to the innovation hub with zero skills, with some of them, without an idea of what they want to do. Some of them came for an event, they like what they saw and they just come again and learning something. Some start learning technology, programming. Some start learning digital marketing, some start learning how to become a part of a business, some get hired by one of the Startups, even, from running errands, you see that they learn the act.

It is a community. Sometimes, it is an open space, sometimes; it is a confined space; sometimes, most innovation hubs I know, are, actually, themed. There are some innovation hubs around Agriculture, some around sustainable development, while some are around pure technology. There are some hubs, right now, they are for hardware technologies and they are the concept of innovation is growing technology faster than we can imagine.

You can watch the full interview here.