The 7 Best Marketing Strategies to Try in 2020

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If there is one phrase that we can use to define the year 2020, it will be this: ‘One bumpy roller-coaster ride!’ With so much going on, it is hard to believe all is not doom and gloom.

However, certain things can still take a turn for the best and one such thing is your marketing strategy!

Businesses thrive because of great marketing strategists. That is because selling a genius product still requires convincing people to make the first buy. Your business marketing strategy does this for you.

It lures potential consumers to your business, by convincing them that your product is worth it!

Marketing has long been a critical factor in a business setup. Attracting customers and then, sustaining them is a resultant of quality products, with on-point marketing.

Since ages, several different marketing techniques have come and gone into the commercial world, with social media marketing upon the rise today.

Specific tactics have become obsolete, or worn out with newer philosophies and theories, taking the forefront each year.

That said, the year 2020 has, also, presented us with some more modern marketing tactics and strategies.

In the article ahead, we look into seven such remarkable marketing strategies to take a shot at in 2020.

Conduct New Research

One of the most successful marketing strategies to date, has been the usage of original research.

Without a doubt, this is also, one of the best marketing strategies for this year.

Brands that have invested in conducting their research and then, publishing have found these studies to generate links for them, from topnotch websites.

These researches have, also, gained these brands, thousands of new subscribers.

Every day, there is a plethora of information that has loaded up on the internet.

It goes on to emphasizethe importance of unique and quality information.

Consumers instantly pick up on exclusive and innovative knowledge; add to it the factor of reporting it beautifully and people start sharing it on social media.

As a result, your information becomes well-known and you gain new followers.

You can also, consider making your content research more accessible to your consumers, by creating an e-book from the website that can be downloaded and accessed, offline.

That means your readers will have the option of carrying your content with them, while traveling, on a trip, etc.

It will also, provide further exposure to your brand. Few famous JavaScript development companies intend to issue, at least three original research in 2020.

Since the year 2017, they have been publishing reports, with exclusively researched information, which has generated countless new subscribers.

Add A Video

If you see a wordy paragraph, instead of a two-minute video, which option are you more bound to click on them? We are pretty sure it will be the video.

That is because, it is human nature to always choose the more comfortable route.

Since videos are also, more interactive, they look more fun to go through.

In 2019, we saw video become a popular marketing tactic, which is no different this year.

Video marketing tactics have long been considered more engaging and create a better bond with consumers.

Since the consumers gain a better perspective of you and have connected well, they are more likely to purchase.

The usage of video techniques could be, through adding tutorials, or consumer testimonials, etc.

Increased Email Subscriptions

One way for consumers to stay in touch with their favorite brand is to subscribe to their newsletter, or email correspondence, however, providing high-quality content is vital for the brand to sustain a useful list of subscribers.

If your consumers continuously stay in touch with you and use your content, they are more likely to generate higher leads and increased revenue through sales.

Individualize Marketing Communications

The preceding years saw success in personalized messages used as a marketing tactic, however, lead strategists now advise that the marketing messages be more personalized than just adding the first name to an email.

It would help if you went deeper into understanding the psychology of the targeted audience, their wishes, wants and fears.

This way, the marketing message can create a more reliable link with the audience and have a far more significant impact than a bland, general message.

Brand Extensions

Brand extensions are often a make, or break strategy, but if they are a success, they can create a lasting impression on your consumer’s mind.

Brand extensions are about creating newer products in industries, of which the brand has no prior experience.

That can create a novel experience for your customers and deepen the bond of trust by producing quality products.

However, entering an industry that the brand has no links with is one way this strategy can blow out of proportion.

It means that a thorough analysis and research would be required, to plan out products that can be considered fruitful extensions of the existing brand.

Story Telling

According to neuroscientists, storytelling is an extremely effective way to capture the attention of viewers.

It helps create a more profound image in the minds of the consumers and helps them relate better with the brand.

You can consider creating a brand story through a podcast, or YouTube series and attract your consumers to subscribe to your updates.

Invite Guest Bloggers

One way to expand your consumer reach is by producing more quality content online.

That done by inviting guest bloggers to write for you. Guest blogging is a win-win for both parties since it provides bloggers a platform to display their expertise.

On the other hand, it gives the brand quality information to share with their consumers.

Often, these blogs bring in quite a lot of traffic and useful leads for the webpage.


Marketing is one of the essential aspects of a business. It promotes your brand among the consumers and attracts potential buyers.

Without the presence of effective marketing strategies, the industry rarely expects to flourish.

On an ending note, aim at making the right choice of strategy and devising a robust marketing framework because this is what will increase your sales and revenue dramatically!

Written by Eve Jhone

Featured Image: Pexel

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