The 24 Slides that Earned Front $66 Million in 5 Days

No doubt, investors and VCs are becoming interested in startups that are using technology to solve real problems. This is happening globally.
Fundraising is good, especially if there is need for it, but it could be catastrophic in the long run if there isn’t any need for funding. It is good to correct that impression. It is not every startup that need funding. Even if it’s a priority then all cofounders shouldn’t focus solely on it. It could be distracting.
Meanwhile, it was reported recently that a startup known as Front got funding from investors. This is a startup that is focused on improving the productivity level of people at their workplace.
Front is a “system of engagement”/”system of work”: people spend a lot of time in the app every day, doing a lot of meaningful actions.
To put simply, the startup makes a shared inbox app that lets teams handle messages from email, texts, Slack, and social media, all in one place.
The cofounder and CEO of Front, Mathilde Collin, shared a 24 Slide pitch deck which got them $66 Million on a five-day fundraising sprint to raise a Series B round.
With her permission, I am republishing her pitch deck to readers how Silicon Valley startups win over investors.