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Tens Of Thousands Of Apps Suspended In Facebook Privacy Investigation

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Following investigations into the Cambridge Analytica scandal that happened sometime ago, Facebook has gone on a rampage, suspending tens of thousands of apps with suspicious data breaches.

Up to 400 developers are associated with the suspended apps, which collect data from users, on login, with their username and password.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has been auditing outside developers.

According to Facebook, the suspended apps, got the hammer, based on reasons of posing as threats, to their users.

A significant number of developers behind these apps, failed in their response to Facebook, on how they obtain data from their users.

Quite a good number of these suspended apps are just test apps that may never be rolled out into the market. Many app developers, usually, conduct several test apps, before breaking into the market.

Previously, Facebook made an announcement on the ban of some apps that violated their users’ privacy, by sharing their information with researchers.

Amidst these scandals and privacy breaches, what is next for Facebook? A more aggressive investigation would continue into the third-party developers, which would result in more future suspensions.

Following Facebook’s agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, in the United States, the tech company must certify app developers, to ensure that, they comply with company policies.

Facebook may have been conducting an investigation, on the amount of data third-party app developers are collecting, however, an air of criticism, still surrounds the Cambridge Analytica scandal, on how much data, the social network company, actually, obtained from third party users.

Recently, Facebook introduced a tool that may limit, how much they know, about users. This came, as a response, to users’ complaints, on its network privacy.

Users hope that more will be done on the privacy policies concerning the usage of social networks.

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