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TemTem, Algerian Ride-hailing Startup Raises $4m Series-A Round

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TemTem, the North African based transport start-up, in the capital city of Algeria, has raised $4million, Series A round, from Tell Venture Automotive, a Luxembourg based platform and some other unnamed investors.

Founded in 2014, by Kamel Haddar, who is, the Chief Executive Officer and also, functions as, both the Founder of Studio Casbah Tech and Co-Founder of iMadrassa Group, an edtech start-up.

According to a report from MenaBytes, the Algerian based start-up, would use the raised fund, to execute product diversification, upscale its marketing strategy and get on board, more members on the team.

TemTem, also, intends to launch two additional services, before the year runs out. According to its website, the Algerian hailing start-up, has 40 members on its team and over 40,000 drivers.

Reports from Crunchbase shows an estimate that the Serie-A round fund brings the funding raised by the hailing start-up, to be $5.7million. Sometime last year, TemTem raised $1.7million seed round.

TemTem is an application and a website of private drivers. Its ambition is, to revolutionize Algerian travel, by offering the commuters, quality service, (booking of races, in the immediate, or, in advance, followed by the driver, in real-time, automated billing, customer service available 24/7, etc.), at an affordable price.

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