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TechQuest-IHS Nigeria Partnership to Train Teachers and Students in ICT Skills

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Lagos, Nigeria 07 October 2019 – TechQuest STEM Academy, Nigeria’s leading digital literacy organization has partnered with IHS Nigeria, the Nigerian subsidiary of IHS Towers, to facilitate a new community initiative called the Mission – T program.

Mission – T has been developed with the primary objective of improving ICT education and empowerment in selected schools and communities across Nigeria.

The program aims to improve Nigeria’s STEM narrative and help stimulate interest and participation in STEM fields across the country.

It will run in the Oyo, Rivers and Kano states, with a total of 45 schools selected as beneficiaries impacting 60 educators and 4,500 young students.

Speaking at the initiative launch, IHS Nigeria Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Manager, Cima Sholotan, said “This program has been strategically developed to align with IHS Towers’ four sustainability pillars, namely: Ethics, People, Environment and Education. We believe that by empowering our communities and promoting ICT education, we are creating sustainable opportunities for competitiveness and improved ICT awareness in a digitally driven world.”

The program will be implemented by the TechQuest STEM Academy, a nonprofit STEM education provider which currently supports over 11,000 young people across 12 states in Nigeria.

IHS Nigeria will help fund the design, development and delivery of a practical based ICT curriculum which includes textbooks, workbooks, academic videos, an interactive portal and a mobile app to assist teachers and Mission – T ambassadors in the delivery of STEM education.

According to the Director and Co-Founder of the TechQuest STEM Academy, Charles Emembolu, “We believe that the Mission – T program aligns with the fourth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4) by focusing on merging locally designed STEM content and toolkits with government engagement. This is made possible through the support of firms such as IHS Nigeria.”

He added, “This collaboration contributes to closing the gap in terms of digital skills shortage and supports TechQuest’s overall mission to help one million Africans become digitally literate. Developing countries like Nigeria have a huge part to play and we are delighted to provide that support.”

Featured Image: TechQuest team and IHS

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