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Technology is here to help us solve problems, which, hitherto, we might not have been able to solve – Josh

Many people believe that, in spite of our shortcomings as a Nation, we are still making significant progress with technology, as an enabler. I caught up with Josh Onwughala, Co-Founder of Salesbay and I started by asking him, in what ways he thinks that technology is making a difference in the country and other issues, on Tech Trends on Channels Television.

CFA: In what ways do you think that technology is making a difference in the country today?

Josh: I really know that technology has helped us a lot, in solving local problems, spanning from e-commerce, payment infrastructure and going down to Agriculture. In the last concluded elections, we here, at IG Hub, built a system that enabled eligible voters locate their polling units, to get them to know where to vote. This had been a big problem, which had made many people not to vote in the past, but that helped a lot.

Technology, in general, is helping us to solve problems here, which, normally, we wouldn’t have, or, might not have solved.

CFA: What informed your choice of picking a career in technology or becoming a Startup Founder? Is it out of passion, or, is it because, it is a trending topic today?

Josh: Actually, it’s tricky, but for me, it’s not about the trend, it’s about the passion. It’s about what I have experienced, so, I want to solve problems. I want to help entrepreneurs around here, to do stuffs easily. Disrupt the brick and mortar system

You can watch the full interview here

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