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TechFest 2018: Diamond Bank Takes the Lead

TechFest 2018 kicked off yesterday, one of the tech events perceived to be a catalyst for Nigeria’s growth by connecting critical stakeholders. One of the financial institutions spearheading this event is Diamond Bank. This is in collaboration with other corporations whose businesses are dependent largely on technology.
Some of these firms include Deloitte, Visa, Microsoft, Interswitch, MTN Nigeria, Beat FM and the Nigeria Inter-bank Settlement System PLC (NIBSS) they collaborated and organized what is arguably the biggest technology event (8,000 online registration), at the Landmark Event Centre, Lagos.
TechFest 2018 was themed ‘Spark Your Curiosity’ and according to organisers, the event became obligatory given the continual increase in local innovations from different players in Nigeria to address their fragmented way of operations.
“The whole point of #Techfest2018 is to show people that you can do much more with what is available. We want a world where technology reaches the bottom of the value chain,” Uzoma Dozie, CEO of Diamond Bank told the audience during his opening remarks.
He reasons that the vision of Techfest is to speed up the drive of technology education, especially to people who are yet to embrace it for lack of understanding of how innovations work.
“The bank pledges substantial amount of resources to blowout the knowledge of their digital products to their over 3 million online customers which is a good step to achieving the objective.
“We have about 3 or 4 million people that have opened a bank account on a mobile phone. You have to be educated to do that. Part of opening new products is educating people. The illiterate of the future is not the one that cannot write English or Mathematics, it is one that cannot unlearn what they have learned and relearn.
To get on in this new life, what brought you to where you are today is not what is going to take you to where you are going. I have done banking for 20 years but I have done it in a different way. The new way of banking is going to be different. It is going to be done by artificial intelligence and machine learning and so you must be ready to unlearn what you learned,” he said.