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Tech Trends: There’s Need To Step Up The Edutech Ecosystem Through Formulating Enabling Policies – Wale Ogunjobi

Many sectors in Nigeria are, gradually, going tech. Talk of Financial sector and you have Fintech, gradually, taking over the space. Talk of the Agricultural sector and you have Agritech, gradually, taking over. One sector, that is, way behind, in this, however, is the Educational sector. Why is this so? What can be done, to evolve a sound Edutech ecosystem in Nigeria?

I, recently, had a chat with Wale Ogunjobi, Co-founder, SabiTeach, on Tech Trends show, on Channels Television. He answers these questions and many more, on the advancement of the Edutech ecosystem in Nigeria.

CFA: Wale, glad to have you on the show.

Wale: Thank you for having me.

CFA: Do you think that we have adequate infrastructure, to build the right Edtech facility?

Wale: There’s a difference between, you, having the potentials to do a thing and also, the willingness to do it. I must say that, if the Fintech industry has succeeded in Nigeria, we have all it takes, to improve the education technology sector, which is the Edutech sector, but right now, it’s only if we don’t want to do it.
We’ve got the facility, we’ve got the right minds, we’ve got everything it takes, to set up a working Edutech structure in Nigeria, which I said earlier, is going to, really, help us, solve this problem of education in Nigeria and in Africa, at large.

CFA: How soon, will the concept of classrooms, without physical structures, become acceptable, in Nigeria?

Wale: Well, it’s already happening. For instance, if we are moving exams, from pen and paper, to Computer-Based Tests, which is CBT, that the likes of JAMB and other exam bodies are really doing, it’s just for us to now take this seriously and also, implement it as regards learning and not testing alone.

Some companies are, already, doing that and they are doing great in that. We have the like s of EDX, we have the likes of Udemy, we have the likes of Coursera, doing great, in terms of e-Learning and people go there, they learn and they get certification, so, I mean, it’s already happening. It’s just for policies, to be put in place in Nigeria, for that, to be implemented in our educational sector, also.

You can watch the full interview here

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